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    "As if we knew each other forever"
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    "Completely Exceeded my Expectations"
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What our customers say:

A New Zest on Life

Our Marly Tour of the Camino de Santiago exceeded our expectations! First it was a wonderful value and your expertise in knowledge and planning provided peace of mind.

Trish O’Connell Ziegler

The service was unbeatable

The service offered by our driver, guide and Marly was unbeatable. Nothing to fear and tremendous support. Well, the Way is what you said: a life experience.

Dina Fernández G

Love Everything About the Trip

Awesome, amazing, beautiful, incredible and exceeded expectations!! Great food, magical accommodations, wonderful company!! Marly Camino is outstanding in all aspects!! Love everything about the trip!


The Trip of a Lifetime for us

We can't imagine any trip in the future that would surpass this trip with you. Our expectations were not only fulfilled but were exceeded...thank you so very much for this incredible experience made even more special with the guides and driver.

Matt and Deb Schroeder

Who’s behind Marly Camino

In the year 2006 Marly Tours opened its doors in Madrid to offer assistance to all those who wish to find their ‘way’ or their Camino. We are an excellent group of high-quality people that guarantee direct and personal treatment so that all of ‘Caminos’ are pleasantly unforgettable. One of our most valuable assets is the hospitality and the personal treatment you will receive. Our biggest satisfaction is that on the Camino you find your own Camino or path.

Ligia: “My first Camino was in March 2004. I was looking to change my life somehow. The Camino de Santiago experience helped me get through a difficult , stormy stage of my life. I succeeded in letting go of many things and the best part is that I managed to liberate myself from wanting to control everything. The Camino was truly a great lesson for me. It’s an experience that is timeless, it accompanies us all our lives….”

We are now the Camino de Santiago specialists, with routes on the French, Portuguese, North and Catalonian Way, starting from different points of Spain. Our goal is to disseminate this beautiful experience and inner journey. Read 20 reasons to choose Marly Camino for your Camino trip! 

The Camino de Santiago

Declared Cultural Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO The Way of St. James, or Camino de Santiago is the most important pilgrimage route in Medieval Europe. Going to Santiago is artistic route that puts you in direct contact with nature. It is encountering the religious and historical roots of Europe, an interior transformational path, it is walking and traveling at the speed of other centuries, it is a Pilgrimage.

Since the second half of the 20th century it has lived a new international rebirth that combines its traditional, spiritual and socio-cultural heritage as new, open meeting place for all types of people and cultures. A truly enriching experience with lessons that are impossible to forget.

It attracts people of all cultures, religions, conditions, ages and personal situations. Young or old, sick or healthy, devoted or atheist, the nature of the pilgrimage itself allows social barriers to disappear and for us to taste the most passionate experience we can live: “the personal encounter with other pilgrims”, a truly meaningful encounter; solidarity without even trying.