8 Days / 7 Nights


117km / 72.7 mi


Medium / High

Start / End

Madrid - Santiago

Irina's description for the Camino

My roads brought me on Camino de Santiago two years ago when I started working with an international exchange organization, Youth for Understanding. Through and with them, I begin to develop educational programs on this amazing path, and using it as a tool of self-discovery. The majority of questions that I heard or I was receiving during the walk, were all going in the direction of finding your purpose, understanding who you are, what are your values and limitations.

Having the background in clinical and health psychology, with international experience in designing educational environments, I decided to make available the program "Conscious Camino", a journey within on El Camino de Santiago. I believe in connection and freedom. Connection with nature, with ourselves, with communities, with your own body. And freedom, freedom of being who you are, with all your strengths and limitations. I have been witnessing the impact of our mind and thoughts, upon our bodies, not in a most pleasant way: by being next to my mother when she was diagnosed with breast cancer after years of dealing with depression and anxiety, when no one in my family ever got to know this disease. Since that moment on, I promised myself to create a healthy environment where people can enter more into their bodies and less into their mind, where people can listen to their intuition more, and where people can connect more.

These happenings are the roots of "Conscious Caminos" and the energy flowing within.

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Our Support

We personally greet you in Madrid for an introduction before you head to Sarria to begin the Camino. The 'Briefing Package' we include famous Pilgrim’s Kit (Click here to view) that includes: a yellow MC backpack, your Pilgrim's Passport, the shell, a Marly Camino program with reflections and waterproof Route Map, a waterproof pouch, notebook, snacks and more.

We take care of your accommodations, breakfast, transferring your luggage each day . You also have the full support of our staff just a phone call away for anything that might come up.


You have accommodations reserved each night, all with private bathrooms and hot water! The accommodations are right at the end of each stage so you can easily access them on your own by foot. They include private inns, hostels, and hotels, depending on the stage. You will be able to experience many of the different accommodation options right on the trail.


We have fixed departures on certain dates of groups of maximum 16 people. We all meet in Madrid and then you head to Sarria together in our private van. You all sleep in the same accommodations each night but you are completely independent, of course. Like usually happens on the Camino, you end up making friends and having dinner with the people you meet along the way.

If you have your own group, and want an independent walk for other dates, just let us know. Any questions you have, don't hesitate to contact us!

Before and After

Before: Our Camino starts in the city of Madrid, where most international flights land. You can arrive a few days before the tour to enjoy the city if you’d like. We would be happy to assist you with hotel reservations in Madrid.

After: You arrive in Santiago de Compostela, where you spend the last night. We offer optional add-on activities once the tour is finished like a one-day trip to Finisterre (minimum 4 people), or an optional gourmet lunch in Santiago after your guided visit. Just ask! There are flights from Santiago to Madrid, Barcelona, and London among others. You can also take a 6-hour train to Madrid from Santiago.

Extra hotel reservations: If you would like to stay in Madrid or Santiago for a few days before or after the tour, we’d be happy to send you a list of hotels we work with along with prices and assist you with the reservations.

Dates & Price 2018:

1350 €

Single Supplement + 200 €

  • Oct 17 - Oct 24, 2018

Dates & Price 2019:

Single Supplement + €

The price includes:

  • Accommodations with private bathrooms
  • All breakfasts
  • Travel insurance for the entire tour
  • Daily transfer of ONE piece of luggage per person
  • Informational program with daily stages
  • Pilgrims' Kit
  • Value added Tax (VAT)
  • Transfer from Madrid to Sarria
  • Guided visit in Santiago (4+ groups)

Day-to-day Itinerary

Day 1

Meet in Madrid
Light city walking and connecting consciously with the group and with our reason for walking El Camino

Meet and greet at Weare Chamartín Hotel at 9:00 am. Handing of the material departure to Sarria by train.

Coaching: The coach does mindfulness exercises and intention setting for starting the Camino in a conscious way (What drives you to be here? How do you want to remember from this experience?). In the group we set expectation and map our resources. We want to identify "our Cathedral of Santiago", the direction we are going towards.

Day 2

Sarria - Portomarín
23 km / 14 mi

Coaching: In the first day of walking we focus on the connection mind - body. Starting the day with yoga and breathing exercise, we continue with having a self-paced mindfulness exercise to be done during the walk. The exercise will facilitate the connection between the way your mind works and the way your body moves, understanding the connection between these two dimensions and how they can influence each other, how changing your inner world can change your outer world.
Before dinner we close the day as a group sharing how the experience was for each one of us and what were our reflections during the walk. What did we realize about our bodies and our minds?

Day 3

Portomarín - Palas de Rei
25 km / 15.5 mi

Coaching: In this day we are focusing on you, your needs (physical, emotional, mental) and your goals. The morning starts with yoga and getting in touch with the tense parts of our bodies, and the day continues with a self-paced exercise of noticing and observing your "resources" and "obstacles" (What are the elements, emotional, physical, mental, that push you forward and what are the ones that makes you stop!). In the evening, in individual coaching talks, we understand and work our mental and emotional barriers and resources for having a more happy, healthy, peaceful and meaningful life.

Day 4

Palas de Rei - Castañeda
24 km / 14.9 mi

Coaching: Today is all about your emotions, on how we use the language of our emotions to create more conscious actions in our lives. As usual, the morning starts with a short yoga stretch and conscious breathing, for releasing any tension from our muscles and entering more into our bodies. During the walk, you will be practicing an exercise of emotional awareness, by noticing your states and triggers. Do you know, fell what makes you "thick" and how can you have it more present in your life? In the evening, in individual talks, we continue understanding and working through our mental and emotional barriers and resources, for having a more healthy, peaceful and meaningful life.

Day 5

Castañeda - Salceda
17km / 10.5 mi

Coaching: In this day we are focusing on choice and change (What are the sectors of your life you would like to see have a different outcome or to improve). In the morning we start with a short stretch, releasing tension form our legs and backs. Breathing the tension away. Then we move into a self-paced, reflection exercise of realization your limitations and working through them, of understanding what you would like to implement in your day to day life. In the evening, we meet for a short debrief and we enter into individual coaching, for going deep into working with our barriers and resources for moving forward and having the change we want to see.

Day 6

Salceda - Lavacolla
18 km / 11.2 mi

Coaching: Today is about change, the wheel of change. In the morning we start with a short stretch focusing on our back muscles and our breathing. We move into an individual exercise of identifying what needs to be implemented for the change to occur (What do you need to eliminate? What do you need to change? To add? To accept?). Through individual sessions, we are going to create the change we want to see in our lives. We are going to go through the four quadrants for having sustainable actions.

Day 7

Lavacolla - Santiago
10 km / 6.2 mi

Coaching: Today we are focusing on celebration change, efforts, journeys and experiences. The morning starts with a short yoga session to release the tension from our legs and hips, and breathing into your physical energy. Then we go into remembering our first reason for doing the Camino de Santiago and connecting again with that motivation. In the evening we celebrate. We celebrate you as a person and your strength of walking it trough, we dive deep into your core values and strengths. We go back to your core and to what moves you through this journey. We focus on what can make this change sustainable and bringing more fulfillment into your life.

Day 8

Day in Santiago
Light city walking

Coaching: Today we connect and we relax. We connect everything that has happened during the week with the change you want to implement. With what emotions was easy to get in touch with? What were your mental barriers that you pin pointed out? What are your values and resources? What are elements that fill you with energy? And the ones that drain you? How can you always remember el Camino de Santiago as a way of breaking free? Those are just few of the questions we are going to explore and discover.

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