12 Days / 11 Nights


117 km / 72.7 mi



Start / End

Madrid - Santiago

Self-guided Walking Tour - Light-paced!

Our Self-guided Camino lite is designed to walk the last hundred kilometers necessary to obtain the Compostela certificate from Sarria in 9 short stages, averaging just 13 kilometers (8 miles) per day. Immerse yourselves in the culture of Galicia and live a truly unique experience while you walk on your own. A classic Camino walking tour for any ages - anybody can walk the Camino.

Our support

A wonderful adventure on your own, but of course, you can always count on us, we will organize everything to make you Self-guided Camino Lite from Sarria as comfortable as possible.

We greet you in Madrid for an introduction. The 'Briefing Package' we include famous Pilgrim’s Kit (Click here to view) that includes: The Pilgrim's shell, a Marly Camino program with reflections and waterproof Route Map, a waterproof pouch, notebook, snacks and more!

We take care of your accommodations, breakfast, transferring your luggage each day . You also have the full support of our staff just a phone call away for anything that might come up.


You have accommodations reserved each night, all with private bathrooms and hot water! The accommodations are right at the end of each stage so you can easily access them on your own by foot. They include private inns, hostels, and hotels, depending on the stage. You will be able to experience many of the different accommodation options right on the trail.


The dates of departure are upon request and availability. After the brief introduction in Madrid, you will head to Sarria via train where you will spend a night and start walking on the following day.


Start: Our Camino starts in the city of Madrid. You can arrive a few days before the tour to enjoy the city if you’d like. We would be happy to assist you with hotels.

Means and Assistance

Vehicle and guide

A vehicle and guide for logistical support will be available during the entire route. It shall be of help not only for the pilgrims in transit but for the transport of luggage and to cover any other needs that might arise along the way. It will have fruits, snacks, water, medicine, first aid kits and everything necessary for unexpected situations.

Luggage transferred

The luggage will be transferred from one hotel to the next using the support vehicle. For the walk you can take a small/medium backpack for a camera, water bottle, and personal belongings. You can use the one we provide, or bring your own.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones with a spanish line will be handed out for the period of the tour for every 2 or 3 pilgrims. This will allow you to communicate with the driver or guides for any reason at all times. The number can also be given to family members back home to receive phone calls.

Pilgrim's Kit

We prepare you for your walk by sending you a packing list with recommendations on what to bring along on your trip, and provide a small backpack with famous Pilgrim’s Kit (Click here to view) that includes: Your Pilgrim's Passport, the shell, a Marly Camino program with reflections and waterproof Route Map, a waterproof pouch, notebook, snacks and more!

Dates & Price 2018:

1150 €

Single Supplement + 310 €

  • Pick your dates

Dates & Price 2019:

1150 €

Single Supplement + 310 €

  • Pick your dates

The Price includes:

  • Accommodations with private bathrooms
  • All breakfasts
  • Travel insurance for the entire tour
  • Daily transfer of ONE piece of luggage per person
  • Informational program with daily stages
  • Pilgrims' Kit
  • Value added Tax (VAT)
  • Transportation from Madrid
  • Guided visit in Santiago (4+ groups)

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Meet in Madrid
Transfer to Sarria by train.

At 8:30am, we will meet at Hotel Weare Chamartin-Madrid lobby. From here the group heads to the city of Sarria by train, where you will start your self-guided walk of St. James on your own the next day.

Night in Sarria.

Day 2

Sarria - Ferreiros
13.4 km / 8.3 mi

We start our Camino today!

We will walk our way towards the town of Ferreiros.

Night in Sarria.

Day 3

Ferreiros - Portomarin
9.4 km / 5.8 mi

Today's journey will take us through the towns of As Rozas, Marcadoiro, Aparrocha, Vilachá and San Pedro until we arrive to our end of stage destination, Portomarín.

Night in Portomarín

Day 4

Portomarin - Ventas de Narón
13.2 km / 8.2 mi

Today's journey will go through the towns of O Alto do Valiño, Castrolázaro, Lamas Maiores and Hospital. We are just a few miles away from our end of stage destination, Ventas de Narón.

Night in Ventas de Narón

Day 5

Ventas de Narón - Palas de Rei
11.9 km / 7.4 mi

From Ventas we will walk west through a beautiful green road, covered by wooded areas and forests, we will go through the small towns of Monteroso, Os Valos, A Brea and O Rosario. We will finally arrive to Palas de Rei, our end of stage destination.

Night in Palas de Rei

Day 6

Palas de Rei - Melide
15.2 km / 9.4 mi

On our journey of today we will head to the municipality of Melide, on our way we will walk through beautiful rural enclaves.

Night in Melide

Day 7

Melide - Arzúa
14.3 km / 8.9 mi

Today, we will head to Arzúa. We will see points of interest places, like the church of Santiago de Arzúa, The Living Honey Museum and the magnificent Oak forest of the Ermita da Mota.

Night in Arzúa

Day 8

Arzúa - Salceda
11.2 km / 6.9 mi

Today's walk, we will head to the municipality of Salceda.

Night in Salceda

Day 9

Salceda - Amenal
11.5 km / 7.1 mi

Wonderful day, we are almost there. We will walk today from Salceda to Amenal.

Night in Amenal

Day 10

Amenal - Lavacolla
6.5 km / 4 mi

Today we will have a very light walk, from Amenal to Lavacolla. In here we can see, the Cruceiro of Lavacolla and its beautiful XIX century old Church.

Night in Lavacolla

Day 11

Lavacolla - Santiago de Compostela
10 km / 6.2 mi

Today we will enter to the magnificent city of Santiago, not before we take a picture with the Pilgrims sculpture on the iconic hill of Monte do Gozo.

Night in Santiago.

Day 12

End of Tour


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