9 days / 8 nights


120km / 90mi




Santiago - Finisterre

A Relational Camino Adventure

Most of us need and crave connection, intimacy, and belonging. These core human needs are met through relationships. 

With technology, social media & the pandemic human beings are more alone and disconnected than ever - from themselves and from each other. This Camino is about deep reconnection. 

Relationship is the art and dance of connection. And life is about relationships. You’re in constant relationship to yourself, to others, to the world around you, to life itself.

In this walk we come together to being deeper consciousness and intention into how we relate. This Camino invites you to go on a deep relational journey.

We bring practices and games that allow us to deepen whatever we come into relationship with.
We will practice staying in our body and hearts.
We will practice operating from courage and love, not fear.

It is a journey to deepen and transform your Relationship to Self, to others and to life.

This is an invitation for more meaning, intimacy, creativity, interconnectivity, surrender, discernment, and collective intelligence.

This is a beautiful social experience designed to reconnect you with yourself and others, deepen the intimacy of your relationships. We will dive deep into the following dimensions or relating:

Be is about: Acceptance, presence, surrender, & gratitude.
Play is about: Curious exploration, innocence & enjoyment. 
Love is about: Connection, authenticity, intimacy, & Truth.

This is an invitation for more meaning, intimacy, creativity, interconnectivity, surrender, discernment, collective intelligence.

Insurance Included

Our insurance offers you and us peace of mind. You will be covered during your stay so that if anything physical happens during this trip, you're taken care of in Spain.

We're happy to send you more information regarding coverage. here

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This Camino includes:

  • Private Support Vehicle
  • English-speaking guide assistance
  • All transfers
  • All breakfasts, drinks and snacks
  • Carefully selected en-suite accommodation
  • Informational program and route map
  • Travel insurance for the entire tour
  • Pilgrims' Kit: small backpack filled with things that will come in handy on your Camino
  • Photos of your Camino
  • All dinners
  • Daily activities facilitated by SAMANTHA SACCHI
  • Guide support


Self-reflection & Presence
Practicing Acceptance on the Camino

We will practice reconnection with Self - as this is essential to be able to truly connect with others. We will practice daily meditation, intention-setting, and a reconnection with our own emotional world.


Curious Exploration & Games
Opening up to Possibility

We will have a lot of FUN! We will practice games, perhaps dance, and get out of our heads.

Taking ourselves less seriously is an important part of opening ourselves up to the playfulness of possibility life has to offer.


A safe place for real human connection
and improving our relationships

We will be doing our inner work on our own and with other beautiful pilgrims in our group. The people that we meet on our Camino is never a coincidence.

We will create a safe space for the beautiful inner work that we will be doing, to be able to relate from a place of authenticity, truth and love.

Every morning and evening we'll have group sessions that will include different practices. We have no doubt that we will make some friends for life!

Day 1

Meet in Santiago de Compastela
Night in Santiago

We meet our beautiful group, our facilitator & co-founder of Marly Camino, Samantha, and our guide.

We will have a lovely welcome dinner in a magical place in Santiago!

Day 2-7

Santiago to Finisterre to Muxia
14 to 22 km per day

We will walk from 14 to 22 km per day from Santiago to Finisterre and Muxia.

On Day Sept 9th we arrive in Finisterre and spend the night there and continue walking along the coast from Finisterre to Muxia.

Day 8 & 9

We arrive in Muxia
End of the Walk!

We spend the night in the magical Muxia on September 11th and then head back to Santiago on September 12th. We will be back in Santiago around 11 am.

Everyone is free to go their own way from there.

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