Over the top.

Over the top great. Marly Camino far exceeded any of my hopes and desires. From the first day to the end it was total perfection. Five star all the way. Can’t wait to do it again.

Suze Orman ((Americas most listened to personal finance expert)) Buen Camino Lite

Blessing beyond belief

Marley is the best and a blessing. They took care of all our needs and ones we didn’t know we needed. No worries about our trip, the staff are wonderful and spiritually filled people. We were blessed to find them, we have used them twice and would use them when we go back to Spain. They are a joy and caring company and I thank God for them.

C. Grow (USA) Portuguese Camino

An unforgettable experience!

Our Camino was wonderful, from our greeting by the owner and her daughter on day 1, all the way through to walking the streets of Santiago de Compostela. Marley took care of all details to make the experience perfect. Our trip leader was really fun and took very good care of us. Lodging and food were perfect. It was a spiritual journey that we’d like to repeat. We were concerned that the walk would be difficult. It wasn’t and we feel like the next time we’ll try a longer route.

Mindful Tasting (USA) Buen Camino

The best company

From beginning to end, from office staff to company owners, our experience with Marly Camino was excellent. I have already recommended Marly to others who now feel the same. We will be using them again when we are ready to do another Camino, possibly the Portuguese route.

Claudia C. (Canada) French Way

Wonderful Camino experience

Marly Camino anticipates your every need on the Camino. We walked the last 100 km and obtained our Pilgrim’s Certificate. Our lodging, breakfast and dinner were provided, in addition to luggage transfers. Marly’s support gave us what we Camino novices needed to have a wonderful experience. We met wonderful fellow pilgrims and gained intriguing insights into the people and culture of Galicia. I would highly recommend Marly Camino for anyone who might feel the Camino is calling them but who may not think they can do it.

Renato M. (USA) Buen Camino Lite

Wonderfully cared for on a beautiful walk

From the moment we met in Madrid, to the moment we said goodbye in Santiago, it was a great experience. We went on the Marly Camino Lite, which walks the last 100 km of the French Way Camino in northern Spain. We walked for 7.5 days, covering 12 to 17 km through tiny villages and small towns, along roads and tracks, through forests and meadows, over rivers and bridges. It was beautiful, undulating countryside. Our guide and driver were always there to support us with refreshments, encouragement and information.

Our accommodation was off the main track in old manors, forts and farms. It was very comfortable and the food excellent.

There were many unexpected surprises along the way and after each day of walking there were interesting visits. We had a lovely day and a half in Santiago at the finish, including front row reserved seats at the pilgrims’ mass.

We were also encouraged to use the time walking for a bit of internal meditation so that we could find some nourishment for the soul along the way.

Highly recommended!!

Andrew J. (Australia) Buen Camino Lite

For as long as I remember I wanted to do the Camino.

For as long as I remember I wanted to do the Camino. I had no specific reason for doing it. It was Marly Camino that taught me, helped me to look inside of me and find specific and motivational reasons to keep on walking. It is while doing the Camino that you connect with yourself, that you find within yourself the strength and force to overcome the pain, to let go and continue living with a stronger spirituality motivation and happiness in living. I just loved it!!!

Myrna Dubon (Puerto Rico) Buen Camino

Marly Camino helped make my Camino a life-changing experience.

Marly Camino helped make my Camino a life-changing experience. From the informational meeting in Madrid with the delicious healthy snacks and introductions, to the comprehensive itinerary and directions, to the charming and comfortable accommodations and recommendations, everything about them exemplified professionalism at its finest. We could have not asked for a better bunch of fellow travelers and enjoyed sharing walks, laughs. and meals with them along the way. I do hope we keep in touch. Marly and Samantha are a first class team and I look forward to traveling with Marly Camino again on another self-guided tour in the future!

Maureen Powell (USA) Adventure Camino

I could not have a more fulfilling experience!

Before the trip, I heard from friends and read on the internet, how demanding and terrifying the Camino can be. There were horror stories of blisters, muscle cramps, uncomfortable sleeping conditions and pilgrims returning home entirely skeletal. Marly took care of us so well that these stories appear mythical. There were blisters, but these were well tended to by the guides and with such care. There was always ample food (with good references to local food and eateries) and the guides further enriched the Camino experience sharing little inspirational messages and thought provoking statements. I could not have a more fulfilling experience.
Our guide was wonderful in all respects. A real live-wire and took real good care of us. The tour would not have been so enjoyable without her. She is a gem and was most attentive in taking care of every detail without fail. Most importantly, she unfailingly checked that I was not offered any dairy items (I am lactose intolerant) and got me quince jelly (which I loved) when she can.. They went beyond what I would expect from our guides in taking care of us and making sure that we have the best experience possible.

Anonymous (Singapore) Buen Camino Lite

My Camino was a life changing event, and I mean that with no exaggeration!

Our family experience walking El Camino has been enriched by the kindness and openness of spirit of our wonderful and thoughtful guides and by the cheery and warm disposition of our bus conductor. My parents, their four friends (all folks in their late 60s and 70s) and I required quite a bit of personalized assistance – my mother has scoliosis and has difficulty walking up hills, and one of their friends has very bad knees and walks downhill with serious difficulty and pain. Our guides took all this into consideration in strategizing how everyone could walk as much as their potential allowed, while always enjoying their Camino experience. They also knew that this was a special time for me and my parents to be together, and always tried to facilitate that, in numerous ways: such as providing us adjacent rooms, planning walks we could all enjoy given our varying levels of endurance, and in orchestrating a lovely celebration of my father’s birthday which fell on the day we reached Compostela. Our guides were knowledgable about Galicia and the Way, but importantly they were soulful and compassionate, and respected that everyone has their own path on the Camino. This mix of being tour leader/shepherd on a spiritually charged journey is a difficult balance to achieve and they did so brilliantly.

I look forward to joining Marly on future caminos, in various points of my life. El Camino is a special time and place that has been memorable and made more so by such hospitable, kind and gracious hosts.

Owi Ruivivar (USA) Buen Camino

It showed me strengths within myself that I didn’t know I had!

The camino was a unique experience for me. It showed me strengths within myself that I didn’t know I had. For one, I thought I could only walk on a daily basis the length of the golf course I played at, i.e., 6.7km. I had planned to ride in the bus when I could no longer walk. Instead I surprised myself by walking more than 20 km/day quite comfortably. For another, I thought I was an early-night, early-morning person but after a couple of days, I found out I could stay up late after all and sleep late, albeit with help from a sleeping pill. Most importantly, I found out that with proper attire I love walking! I am naturally an introverted and introspective person, but still having lost my husband only a few months ago, I found the peace and quiet very consoling. I saw some of the most beautiful forests! The group got along very well and I met new friends–kind and thoughtful friends who I hope will keep in touch.

Maria Teresa Victoria Hoffarth (Philippines) North Gourmet Camino

A wonderful and uplifting experience!

We were personally met by Ligia and Samantha who own the company, and provided local mobile phones as well as their own contact numbers. This just shows the care and commitment the organization has for the pilgrims who are under their care.

Our tour leaders and driver made us a family and we all formed genuine connection that only grew warmer over the course of the pilgrimage. Our guides were more than tour leaders. They were advisors, first aid experts, and friends. Sincere lovers of the Camino, they also help the new pilgrims appreciate it more. Our driver was quiet but observant and always eager to help in his very gentle way. In their hands you knew you were alright and focus on your journey.

Narciso Eraña (Philippines) Buen Camino

Wonderful in every way!

Starting with a lovely opening introduction to the tour and to the group, we felt in good hands right from the start. Every day was filled with great walks, views, delicious meals, and often — surprises! Our guides were PERFECT! They previewed the day’s walk, repeated landmarks to look for so that we wouldn’t get lost, and even gave us historical perspectives. Our bus driver was not just an extraordinarily careful driver but he was so attentive to all of us — meeting us with water and snacks at every rest stop. At the end of each day we were rewarded with incredibly comfortable lodgings and delicious food. 100+ miles, strangers who became good friends, extraordinary vistas, great food and lodgings — what more could a person want?

Jane Stern North Gourmet Camino

They exceeded my expectations in so many ways!

Of all the trips I’ve taken over the years, I would have to say walking the Camino with Marly Tours was one of my favorite. I researched many sites for the perfect tour & kept coming back to Marly. They exceeded my expectations in so many ways. From the moment we met Ligia, Samantha and our guides I knew I was with the perfect group. They were all so welcoming, warm & professional.

Their passion for the Camino is evident & made our experience so special! Everything was perfect – the accommodations, food, guides, transportation & special attention to detail. It was awesome! Our guides were the best! They were so professional, knowledgeable & compassionate. They made each of us feel so special & couldn’t do enough for us. Their energy & positive attitude was contagious. Our driver, was there every day with a big smile & eager to help us get prepared for our walk. Thank you so much!

Donna Miller (USA) Buen Camino Lite

An outstanding organization that nurtures each traveler!

The Camino provides each pilgrim an opportunity to seek whatever our innermost spirit yearns for. Marly Tours made me feel comfortable and confident in taking that journey, from the very first moment I had contact with them, through the last goodbye hug. An outstanding organization, that nurtures each traveler. Accommodations – absolutely awesome. Our guide, is an extraordinary man – a guide not just for the Camino, but for life. He was extremely knowledgeable and constantly concerned for the well being of all. A humble man, great conversationalist but respectful of all. On a very personal note, he came to me privately and asked if I would like for my late husband’s name to be among those for whom the mass in Santiago would be offered. I had not even thought of that as possible and he arranged it. That act of kindness is something I will be grateful for my entire life.

Elizabeth Blaich (USA) VIP Tour