Well-organized, completely stress-free and totally pampered!

Our guide, knew absolutely everything about each café, church, and place to get a stamp. Be careful! I mentioned I liked Sangria, and a bottle appeared at lunch. I bought a small bag of olives/pickles and a jar appeared in my hotel room. Our guide’s attention to the minutest detail was amazing! Accommodations were top notch 5+ stars in every location. It was always such a relief to see the guide and the Marly van at each check point with water and snacks. Marly Plus is the ONLY way to do the Camino – well-organized, completely stress-free and totally pampered!

Michelle Baumgarten (USA) Plus

An experience that I never imagined could exist.

This was not a vacation. This was a life experience.
My partner and I were invited to a wedding in Madrid and, after having seen the movie “The Way” decided to experience the “Camino de Santiago”. You see, I am 68 and it It had been on my bucket list for a few years. I had my doubts that I could walk the whole way and so after extensive research on the computer for tour companies I chose Marley. It was by far the right choice. I made some requests for a private tour and to visit some places of interest along the way. On day one of our tour
we were met in our hotel by Samantha and our guide. we were given the itinerary, beautifully typed and formatted and individualized to our Camino.
Our driver was a warm and attentive person. Our tour included beautiful places along the way to our destinations each day. Our guide, who was fluent in English,had extensive knowledge of the history, geography, customs, regional foods of all the areas of Spain that we visited. Our Spanish is so limited that we would have been lost without him. The driver having driven thru out Spain and Europe for many years knew the way to reach places that buses could not access. As two women traveling alone we felt absolutely safe and protected.
The country Manors that were chosen by Marley were so unique. The owner of one manor was a pastry chef. At our request he made two desserts that were amazing. The 18th century farmhouse, built of stone and my favorite manor, A Parada Das Bestes,, had two Mastiffs, so friendly and nice. The food was made with fresh garden vegetables, fresh cheeses and yogurts, jams, honey and more. After walking the camino these were special places to rest and reenergize.
Because I was not physically able to walk the entire 100+ miles to Santago de Compostella, the guides chose the most scenic sections of the path, thru forests, small villages with cobblestone streets. The spring flowers were in bloom and the sheep and cows had their new born babies in the fields. We would stop at small cafes along the way and I so enjoyed having Cafes con Leche with the guides.
It was a coincidence that we chose Holy Week to walk the Camino. Such a spiritual experience and then the celebrations in some of the towns along the way. Parades and processions, indescribably beautiful cathedrals, especially the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostella. Marley arranged for us to attend the Pilgrims mass on Easter Sunday. An experience that I never imagined could exist.
I could go on and on but I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in the Camino consider Marley tours. Many thanks to Licia, Samantha and the other staff members who arranged this marvelous tour for us.

Jeanne Adler (USA) Customized Tour

Highly recommend Marly Camino to anyone considering this pilgrimage

Words can not adequately express the appreciation that my wife and I have for Marly Camino. From our very first contact with Marly almost a year prior to our camino, our arrival in Madrid and all thru our Camino Lite experience, Marly exceeded any and all expectations that we might have had. The concern for each and every pilgrims comfort and safety were over seen by a staff that made you feel more like family rather then clients or tourist just passing through. My wife had some difficulty on a couple of days but with the reassurance and encouragement from the guides she was able to enjoy each day and complete the Camino to Santiago. We also want to thank Ligia and Samantha for their daily messages of support and the surprise special extras that we were treated to. I would highly recommend Marly Camino to anyone that is considering this pilgrimage. Marly was able to make all arrangement for us at a very reasonable cost that we feel was extremely reasonable for the level of accommodation’s and meals that we enjoyed. For a couple over the age of 60 this was truly a very personal journey that we were able to do together with great guides and the new friends we made. Thank you Marly.

Jay and Janet Brown (USA) Buen Camino Lite

I will strongly endorse the Portuguese Camino!

There is quite a difference in effort and scenery compared to the Buen Camino. Beautiful small farms, lovely granite houses, river and coastal scenery were all connected by rolling hills, low mountains and t a few paved roads. Every evening had us stopping at fabulous Paradors, boutique hotels and even a Relais and Chateau Hotel. I can honestly say that I have never stayed at such a great collection of top class hotels even in other premium tours of Europe. Arrangements, trip preparations were of the usual impeccable Marly Camino standards. Would I recommend this as the must-do Camino? I think I will still recommend the Buen Camino for first-timers but certainly if you wanted to do it again from a different perspective, I will strongly endorse the Portuguese Camino!   

Dr Liang Te Shan (Singapore) Portuguese Novo

For me, Marly Camino made it a life affirming and unforgettable experience.

Our “Camino” was flawless. This was my first “tour” experience and I went into it with some degree of concern of group dynamics, and traveling with a group of strangers. At our first meeting, the Marly staff created an environment so that within an hour we were no longer strangers. Our group of pilgrims were very supportive and encouraging to every member of our group. The entire camino experience was fantastic in large part due to the competence and consideration of our guides and the Marly support team in Madrid. Every facet of the trip was flawless and the personal attention was quite literally staggering. Needs were anticipated and never seemed like a burden or chore. The entire Marly Team is committed to the Camino experience and they conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism. Thanks must also be given to the people of Spain who made us feel so welcome traveling through their cities, towns, hamlets and villages.

For me, Marly Camino made it a life affirming and unforgettable experience.

Steven Prieto (USA) North Gourmet Camino

I hold my experience close to my heart

I had walked the Camino by myself before 5 years ago and when deciding to do the Camino with the assistance of Marly Camino, I was profoundly delighted that with the assistance of the tour guide, what a wonderful, supportive personal experience I was able to have walking my own Camino.
This Camino journey led me to finally take the leap of faith that I needed to let go of the things in life that were no longer on my path and I hold my experience close to my heart as I was able to get out of being stuck with my career to make the bold move to leave the company I was with, knowing that the Camino I walked on the trail supported my path in life as I now go discover what my next steps are. I truly could not have had the courage to take these steps without my Camino experience that was so greatly supported by the Marly Camino process and support. Thank you!

BKW (USA) Customized Tour

The word “extraordinary” is one I have been using with my friends and family.

It is difficult to describe my experiences on the camino. The word “extraordinary” is one I have been using with my friends and family. The walking itself was sometimes physically demanding (the “technical” parts), but the overall feeling was always joyous and peaceful. Beauty greeted us everywhere–in so many forms: the lovely green countryside filled with flowers and their fragrance, the forests and fields, the vast Atlantic stretching away from rocky cliffs, the small, neat villages, the man-made structures–from small stone houses and bridges to those “quiet and monumental buildings,” as James Michener called the churches, monasteries and great houses of Spain; the people we met along the way who directed us when we were lost and whose hospitality welcomed us at every stop. Marly Tours has achieved something wonderfulmade it possible for me to be an honest pilgrim, to be part of a cherished and significant tradition going back over many centuries that has inspired people in their millions to follow the scallop shell. While we did not share the hardships many medieval pilgrims must have experienced, I’m sure that the solace we found along the way was a part of their camino too. Sitting in the pews at the pilgrim’s mass in the Cathedral de Santiago, watching with awe as the great Botafumiero flew above the penitents, I felt myself to be truly one with this great pilgrimage. Thank you, Marly.

Damaris A. Kirchhofer (USA) Buen Camino

Exceptional tour company. The guides were awesome!

Exceptional tour company. The guides were awesome! From the hotel pick-up in Madrid to the final dinner everything was handled for us. Every detail is arranged – support bus, snacks, overnight accommodations, food, etc is perfect in every way. Local cell phones provided is a great benefit.

Fran Pitts (USA) Buen Camino Lite

I could not have asked for more. It was a memorable trip

I walked the Camino at a very difficult time in my life. The beauty, peace and tranquility of the Camino, its villages, hamlets, forests, farms, and hillsides were so healing. Our guides, were exceptional in every way. Their attention to every detail of the trip was evident. If anyone on the trip had a special need, they figured out how to meet it. Through all our conversations, meditations and time together on the Camino, we became friends. I learned quite a bit from them and give them my highest recommendation. It is apparent that the people behind Marly Camino-Ligia and Samantha-want nothing but the best experience for their clients. They enthusiastically greeted us on the first day before we left for the Camino and made sure we knew if there was anything we needed to let them know. The hotels and inns selected for the trip are first rate as was the food. I could not have asked for more. It was a memorable trip and I recommend Marly Camino for anyone looking for a guided Camino experience.

Dawna Cobb (USA) Journey Within

Difficult to Find Words

It was for the 2nd time our privilege to experience a part of the Camino with Marly. It is again difficult to find words to describe the experience which goes far beyond excellent staff and accommodation etc. It goes about friendship, extreme caring and that something special which we had experienced which culminated in the Pilgrims Service in Santiago ! Thank you Marly and all your wonderful people that made this an unforgettable experience. You will for sure see us again.

Thinus Jacobsz (South Africa) Portuguese Novo

There aren’t enough superlatives – We kept saying “wow”

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the Marly tour experience on the Camino. We kept saying “wow”. From the very beginning it is obvious that this is not your standard tour, but an experience that has been carefully packaged with a lot of love and charisma by the Marly team. Everyone you meet is exceptional. We had eight wonderful days under the care of [the guides]. They were the key to an experience that exceeded our expectations in so many ways: the cultural experience, the gastronomic experience, the spiritual experience, the exposure to history and architectural styles, the growth in our personal relationship and our faith.
Not only did we get the benefits of the Camino with Marly tours, but the side excursions to points of interest and the insights of our guide team added immeasurably to our experience.
As we explained to the “younger” set of pilgrims what we were doing, you could see the wheels clicking about how to get their parents on the Camino…this is the answer. And now, we are scheming ways to get our extended family on the camino with Marly as well.

Robert Grow (United States) Buen Camino Lite

Organised and detailed Marly team – take care of every single thing

Buen Camino trip is something you want to make it memorable and meaningful..It was a trip I wanted to do for so long..and eventually when I made up my mind, I was really not sure what to expect. I think it was my luck to find Marly Camino to arrange my trip. Travel alone and first time in Spain, I could have lot of problems which could make the trip unpleasant, but now I think back, there was no single problem during the tour which just shows how organised and detailed Marly team is to take care of every single thing. And some of those nice surprises they did for us..:-) Not only they are professionals but there were plenty of times which made me feel (and other people) that Marly team has passion in what they are doing and believes in helping us achieving whatever we planned during this trip… Personally I plan to come back in a few years to take the walk again..and I’ll be with Marly team again definitely..
I want to say special thanks to the guides who are one of the best I’ve ever seen..They are with tender eyes, hard working and most of all uncompromising professionals to make things perfect for us, so what we need to do is just to focus on finding ourselves spiritually..

(South Korea) Buen Camino

Marly guides and group was indescribable

The experience I had with our Marly guides and group was indescribable. I felt supported, loved, and cared for the entire time. I’d originally hoped to “rough it” as a “real pilgrim” but learned of Marly through their wonderful website and was intrigued. Never did I feel less than a true pilgrim on this adventure! It was something I’ll never forget. Our group is talking about a reunion walk in a couple of years. I just got home, but I can’t wait til the next one!

(USA) Buen Camino Lite

Love Everything About the Trip

Awesome, amazing, beautiful, incredible and exceeded expectations!!!!
Great food, magical accommodations, wonderful company!!! Powerful sacred sites!!!
Marly Camino is outstanding in all aspects!!
Love everything about the trip!!!

Aimon (USA) Portuguese Novo

Your great organization

Thank you marly, you did a wonderful job with our camino lite tour, very special thanks to the guides, who showed such caring compassion and wisdom. Well done ! We had a profound and unforgettable experience, facilitated by your great organisation.

Emily Goh (Malaysia) Buen Camino