What is the Give Back Camino?

We believe in the magic of the Camino to help, inspire and transform the lives of people. We contacted several social organizations and churches so that they can help us identify people to be invited to walk the Camino de Santiago.

The pilgrims that will be invited are people that are going through a difficult situation in their lives and that are searching for a new opportunity: victims of abuse, teenagers, refugees, homeless people, among others. People who might be lost, deeply wounded and need to give new meaning to their lives.

Once a year, we offer a group of people in need a ‘charity camino’, providing them with equipment, physical and psychological preparation, and the opportunity to walk the Camino with all expenses covered, from transportation, and accommodations to all meals, and anything they might need along the way.

We are certain that the lessons learned on the Camino will be meaningful and transformative. Self-love and self-confidence as well as the acceptance of their limitations will help them overcome fears and trust in what God has planned for their lives. Our greatest hope is that they finish their Camino with a big smile and that when they begin their new lives, they see a future full of opportunity.

The Purpose of the Give Back Camino

“For me, the Camino is a very precious gift that life has given me. It helped me overcome many difficult moments and I learned countless lessons from it.” Now, it is my heartfelt wish to carry out this project that we have put so much love and effort into. Step by Step, ALL Together!

With this Camino, we will help people who need to restore hope in their lives… and if we walk together, with love, we will be able to show them all the virtues and blessings that the Camino has to offer.”

– Marly Muci R. Founder of Marly Camino


“I want to share the happiness I feel and this is why Marly Camino is committed to opening new Ways for ALL!”


How did this project come about?

This beautiful project was born from the necessity of showing our founder’s gratitude to life for putting the Camino de Santiago in her way.
Marly Camino is the result of years of effort, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice, patience and faith. It is also the result of hard work done with great passion and love.

Marly feels a great deal of satisfaction with the achievements and experiences shared with all our pilgrims. With our team, who are practically family, and the collaboration of her daughter and greatest ally, Samantha, we would like to show everyone that on the Camino we are all equal, all pilgrims, all humans, that there are no differences between us and that there are no barriers, except for the ones we create ourselves.

We truly believe that we can help to change lives… We trust in the magic of the Camino.

The Give Back Camino – Buen Camino Pilgrimage will start on July 4, 2017 and will last for 10 days.

How can you help?

Send them a Positive Message!

Help our invited pilgrims by sending them a positive message: your story, a video, a voice note, a nice phrase, a note, a song, a drawing, pictures, anything! You can also send them a message of inspiration, of courage, of hope, or tell them about your own camino experience using this page: Submit your Camino gift!

Anything that you think will contribute positively to their Camino experience and to build up their self-esteem.

You can send them your messages through our social networks or via this email: [email protected]
If you use social networks, you can use this hashtag: #GiveBackCamino and @marlycamino

Let’s spread the word!

We will like to continue creating a Give Back Camino every year.
We want to create awareness about different groups of people who need help and how we we can help them.

Please help us by sharing the gift of the Camino on social media. Be part of this project by sharing this page with your networks so that more people will know about it and participate by sending a nice message to people in need.
If you use social networks, you can use this hashtag: #GiveBackCamino

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarlyCamino/
Twitter: @Marlycamino
Instagram: @Marlycamino

Please do not send monetary contributions.
Your experience, positive messages and sharing on social media are the best gift.

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Every year, an unforgettable experience

We would like to show them that on the Camino we are all equal, all pilgrims, all humans… That there are no differences between us except for the ones we create ourselves.

Through this yearly Project, we will contribute to raising awareness among those around us:
Step by Step, All Together!

Come and join us in this humanitarian project!

Happiness and well-being come from unconditionally giving and sharing the best of ourselves with others

Step by Step, always together, we will create a Way for everyone!

If you want to contribute to and/or collaborate with this project contact us: [email protected]

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