Changing your Life without You Noticing

The Camino de Santiago has a sneaky way of changing your life without you noticing. I have never felt so tired, sad, happy and content at the same time as I did whilst walking the Camino. I was confronted with hardships and fears but could overcome them with a little help from the Camino. It truly is a magical experience and it changed me and my family’s life forever.

Anonymous (South Africa) Portuguese Novo

A Most Rewarding Experience

The Camino was a most rewarding experience for me. The careful planning of the daily journeys, the liberating feeling of walking through the orchards, hamlets and gorgeous landscape, the superb lodging at unique places full of character and comfort. The memory of the various people we met along the way will stay with me for a long time. Also the side trips, and the grand finale at Santiago with the pilgrim mass and our farewell dinner were unforgettable. Finally, my appreciation for the care and affection of our guide and our driver will remain wit me forever.

Gabriel Fernandez (USA) Buen Camino Lite

More than I hoped for

My Camino experience was more than I hoped for. When planning this trip with 4 other family members, I had not thought about why I was taking this journey other than to walk the “Camino” and reconnect with nature and my family. The results of this experience was so much more, I found an inner peace. Thank you Marly team for assisting with making this journey possible. I especially want to send my sincerest gratitude to [the guides and driver]. They each provided us with their expertise, their love and their humor and thankfully provided us with the snacks & transportation we came to need and appreciate. Until next time………..Buen Camino

Teri Salomon (USA) Buen Camino Lite

The Trip of a Lifetime for us

Awesome! Absolutely awesome. It was meant to be the trip of a lifetime for us and we can’t imagine any trip in the future that would surpass this trip with you. Our expectations were not only fulfilled but were exceeded…thank you so very much for this incredible experience made even more special with the guides and driver.

Matt and Deb Schroeder (USA) Buen Camino Lite

Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY

Marly went out of their way to make sure that each person was successful in completing their camino injury free, and happy. Their attention to detail was meticulous. The guides saw to each person’s needs on any given day. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY.

Laura Brinckerhoff (USA) Portuguese Novo

I had THE most WONDERFUL time on my Camino!

I had THE most WONDERFUL time on my Camino!! I had trepidations prior to my trip of not being able to finish the Camino. However, with the help of both our guide Ignacio and our driver Carlos, I actually made it through and received my certificate!! They are the most caring and encouraging individuals. Ignacio is the best foot “doc” ever, very gentle and careful of not hurting me further while fixing any foot ailment. His repair of my popped blister truly helped me to forge on. And Carlos…..what can I say about Carlos. His wonderful smile greeting me at every check point just lifted my spirits up, encouraging me that “I can do it” and “go on”. I will forever cherish all the wonderful memories and lessons of the Camino – from our fantastic guide Ignacio and our driver Carlos, to our entire Camino group whom I just met and by the end of the first day felt as if we were all old friends. I truly felt that everyone cared for one another, making sure to look out for everyone, and not leaving anyone behind. Thank you so very much Marly Tours – Ligia, Samantha, Ignacio, and Carlos – for all that you did for making my Camino the most memorable time (and birthday) EVER!!!

Lita (USA) Buen Camino

I am telling everyone how this is the best way to go!!!!

I cant even explain how absolutely perfect the Marly tour and staff were. There was nothing we needed or missed, it was as if Jose Luis for one could read our thoughts…and Victor was such a terrific, fun and encouraging driver…when we would come up over the top of a hill and he was there waving his hat it was perfect…it was just what we all needed.Tthank you all from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience…I am telling everyone how this is the best way to go!!!! blessings to all.

Ann Louise Brazel (Canada) Buen Camino

The accommodations and meals were excellent

I will never forget the experience of walking the Camino de Santiago. I loved walking through the historic towns and seeing the gorgeous landscapes along the way. It made me stop to appreciate life’s simplicity and nature’s beauty. The trip is especially memorable due to the Buen Camino group I had the pleasure of getting to know. There was camaraderie from day one and it grew throughout the camino. Our guide was so attentive. He took care of blisters, gave an overview of the day’s walk, and provided encouragement. Our driver was supportive as well. He always greeted us at each checkpoint with a smile. The accommodations and meals were excellent. Without hesitation, I would recommend Marly Camino to my family and friends.

Marcy Naval (United States) Buen Camino

Doing it with Marly made it even better!

My Camino with Marly Tours far exceeded my expectations. To actually walk the path that so many have done for hundreds of years is a life changing experience and doing it with Marly made it even better. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to make this incredible journey.

Marilyn Spurling (Canada) Plus