10 Days / 9 Nights


100 km




Madrid - Sarria - Santiago

Coming Home Camino - A Journey Inwards

“One who looks outside dreams. One who looks inside awakens.”― Carl Jung

This journey of Coming Home takes you on the last 100 kilometers of the traditional French Way from Sarria to Santiago while journeying inwards by exploring our emotional world and our spiritual world

Samantha Sacchi Muci, co-founder of Marly Camino, soul-driven entrepreneur, educator, facilitator & spiritual-emotional coach will be guiding you on this Camino de Santiago journey. .

“The Camino has changed my life again and again in so many different ways. The walking, nature, the energy present, and the people I found along the way all allowed me to drop deeper into myself and the rhythm of life. I always gained clarity, processed life events, and found courage for the decisions I had to make next to continue to choose myself and serve my life purpose.”

This Camino deepens the journey inwards as we journey outwardly towards Santiago. 

Samantha has been guiding humans back home to themselves by simply reminding them of what they know deep down, reconnecting them with their soul, and integrating all of their humanity.

She believes in the power of coming together to heal and remember why we are here. She deeply believes in the power of the Camino and of the Earth to show us “the way”. 

Samantha’s magic and the magic of the Camino will take you on a beautiful exploration of yourself, what’s alive in you in this moment of your life, and where life is calling you to next.

If you're feeling it, that's your call.

This Camino does not include a support vehicle

Insurance Included

Our insurance offers you and us peace of mind. You will be covered during your stay so that if anything physical happens during this trip, you're taken care of in Spain.

We're happy to send you more information regarding coverage. here

Means and Assistance

Private support vehicle

You will have a support vehicle throughout your Camino. You can use it if you are tired or if you don’t want to keep walking for any reason, if you want to leave or take things during your walk or if you want to change your shoes. Our van is equipped with a first aid kit, medicines, snacks, water and fruits. This vehicle will cover any unexpected circumstances.


Our incomparable Camino guides are not just fountains of knowledge; they are pilgrims too! Your guide will be your friend on the Camino; a friend who will make you laugh with Camino stories and anecdotes, offer you encouragement and cure your blisters, and maybe even help you to find what you’re looking for along the way.


All of our tours include travel insurance, which will be very useful in case you have an emergency during your Camino. Also, we offer cancellation insurance at a special price, which will vary depending on your Camino.

Pilgrim's Kit

We prepare you for your walk by sending you a packing list with recommendations on what to bring along on your trip, and provide a backpack with our Pilgrim’s Kit (Click here to view) that includes: Your Pilgrim's Passport, the shell, a Marly Camino program with reflections and waterproof Route Map, a waterproof pouch, notebook, snacks and more!

Dates & Price 2022:

2555 €

Single Supplement + 440 €

Dates & Price 2023:

2555 €

Single Supplement + 440 €

  • Jun 09 - Jun 18, 2023

Dates & Price 2024:

Single Supplement + €

Our Coming Home Camino includes:

  • Private Support Vehicle
  • English-speaking guide assistance
  • All transfers
  • All breakfasts, drinks and snacks
  • Carefully selected en-suite accommodation
  • Informational program and route map
  • Farewell dinner and surprise
  • Travel insurance for the entire tour
  • Pilgrims' Kit: small backpack filled with things that will come in handy on your Camino
  • Photos of your Camino
  • All dinners
  • Train from Madrid to Ourense
  • Private transfer from Ourense to the Ribeira Sacra
  • Daily luggage transfer
  • A 30-minute welcome call with Samantha
  • Daily group workshops in the afternoons
  • Morning group sessions before the walks
  • Support material for inner work (worksheets, notebooks, etc)
  • Private visit in the magical Ribera Sacra
  • Guided visit in Santiago
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • The Marly Touch 😃

Day-to-Day itinerary

Coming Home to You

The journey within is beautiful
and the most worth it.

Coming home to yourself is a feeling of wholeness within you. It's a landing into the space where spirit or god dwells within you.

How well do you know yourself? How is your relationship with yourself, with life, with people in your life and with spirit?

Wherever you are right now is perfect. Let's start from there, meet and go on a beautiful journey, reconnecting with our the land, our body, emotions and soul, together.

Deepening your Spirituality

Renewing your Relationship with Spirit
learning to listen to life better

The Camino invites us inwards. I always call the Camino a 'parenthesis in life' where your day-to-day life stops and life asks you to live differently.

Life is always talking to us, but we're too busy. Now is when we start consciously listening.

We remember and honor the ways in which spirit, life, god speak to us. What it's been trying to tell us and how we can make space daily for spirit in our lives.

Processing your Emotions

Notice, Accept, & Release
for deep emotional healing

After the world pandemic, we have been through a lot. Emotional processing has always been an essential part of overall wellness, mental health and wellbeing - and now it has become more important than ever.

We will learn to make space for our emotions, feel them, so we can release them on the Camino. We must let them flow to let them go. We don't have many spaces in life to do that, allow this to be one of them.

Nature Therapy

Nature is the ultimate healer
Let Mother Earth nurture you

Being in nature is magical. Nature has a healing power of its own. Most religions in the world know this and science has proven it.

We will enjoy the presence of life force, oxygen, and Mother Earth nurtures us and connects us with spirit like nothing else. We will do exercises out in nature, connect with the trees, rivers and magic along the Camino.

Embodiment Practices

Invitation to Reconnect with your Body
Do you hear it calling?

We will be reconnecting with our body. Our body has a lot of stored information accumulated throughout our life. Our relationship with it will be key throughout the Camino and in our life.

The walking itself brings us into the body. And we will also ground into our bodies daily in the mornings and evenings through dancing, stretching and yoga postures.

Deep Group Work

A safe place for real human connection
and improving our relationships

We will be doing our inner work on our own and with other beautiful pilgrims in our group. The people that we meet on our Camino is never a coincidence.

We will create a safe space for the beautiful inner work that we will be doing, to be able to relate from a place of authenticity, truth and love.

Every morning and evening we will have group sessions where we will engage in many different practices. We have no doubt that we will make some friends for life!

Day 1

Meet in Madrid
Train to the North!

We will meet at the train station in Madrid, where we will head up north.

We will be picked up in our private van to visit a magical hidden gem in the region of Galicia - la Ribera Sacra. You will fall in love.

We will get to know each other and set the tone for this wonderful journey. We will get ready to start the walk the following journey.
Night near Sarria

Day 2 to 8

Walk the las 100 km of the Camino
10 - 18 kilometers per day

Every day, we will do gather for 45 mins in the morning and have a 1.5 to 2-hour workshop in the evening. Each day we will have an intention or something to reflect on as we walk.

Everyone walks their own pace! We might see each other along the way and meet other people of course, but we will meet back at our accommodation for our evening workshop.

Day 9 - night in Santiago!

Day 9

Walk to Santiago!
10 kilometers

This is our last day of walking! We will walk our last 100 km and will get into Santiago before noon so we will have the entire day to enjoy in Santiago.

So excited to meet you!

We will do some beautiful work together

We will be working closely together this journey. It will be my biggest privilege to get to know you and do this inner work with you.

Before and After your Trip

Let us assist you

There are many beautiful things to do before and after our Camino.

Let us know if you need assistance booking any extra hotel nights before or after your trip.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Are you ready to live this life changing experience?

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