14 years walking together 🎂🎁

Posted on May 15, 2020

A message from our founder Marly Muci Ramos:


I can’t believe we’re turning 14 years old.

I feel truly proud of everything we’ve achieved. And to think that Marly Camino was born from my own story, born on the Camino De Santiago, like my third child.

When I started the first years were very difficult, we would have very few pilgrims, but I didn’t want to let the idea go.

We started growing slowly until we reached hundreds of pilgrims per year. Since over six years ago we’ve been welcoming over 900 pilgrims annually. Very exciting!

As I speak, I feel even prouder, especially of the beautiful family we have formed that grows each year. A beautiful team that works together with the same love and passion as the first day.

And the best part of all, is that we have been able to transmit our experience, having the Camino De Santiago be a transformational experience for our pilgrims, as it was for me.


For me, as for many of you, the year 2020 will be like a parentheses in our lives on a professional and personal level. But we have gained much wisdom love and kindness.

I’ve actually never felt more grateful than during these times. We are more privileged than we think.

If now we had to pack our backpack to go to the Camino, I’m sure it would be very light, because we’ve learned the difference between what’s truly necessary and what’s superfluous.

We’re very grateful for the amount of pilgrims that are postponing their trip. Thank you for your trust.

Throughout these 14 years we’ve gained the credibility and reputation of all of you, we are reaping the fruits of the work we have done all this time. Thank you.

Thank you for your solidarity, we are unconditionally committed to all of you. Thank you for valuing our efforts, we have received the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for years in a row now.

Thank you to my Marly Camino family, because we have left our foot prints in the hearts of all of those who have done the camino with us. thank you


We feel the joy of what is yet to come, like when we arrive to monte de Gozo, , just before arriving in Santiago. How exciting.

Soon we will enjoy the Camino De Santiago in a very special way. Every step will be a magical moment.

After doing this pilgrimage in our own homes, it will be very gratifying to walk and walk and walk and enjoy nature.

We will give each other an infinite hug filled with our commitment to improve the future, and the future of the planet that has begun to heal.

We are very excited for the future because finally the holy door will be open for all!!

Much love!

– Marly


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