Camino de Santiago: Alone or accompanied?

Posted on January 30, 2022

For believers in Catholicism, the Camino de Santiago is the greatest show of faith and has managed to position itself as a tradition, both for Europeans and foreigners, it is amazing how they have managed to keep all the routes active for those who try to fulfill it. The great debate that many may have is whether it can be done alone or perhaps it is important to have a support to give you motivation, both possibilities are valid, you have to put your heart to everything you do and this activity is one of them.

How do you do the Camino de Santiago?

The most common is that tourists do it walking, because there are routes from several cities and with different durations, we could even think that you would spend weeks in this long journey between villages, but if you go in a group even a bicycle would be useful.

It is a decision that depends on your physical stamina and the time you have available to meet the goal, faith should not be broken on the road to have its good goal, to meet another part of spirituality, with that sometimes sacrifices its physical side for what it feels.

Doing it alone?

Of course it has its great advantages, starting because solitude allows you to feel free: You decide when to go for a walk, at what time to eat, if you practice fasting, you have the calm to do things at your own pace, even meditate in certain churches or stops if you like.

As for the disadvantages, they are also very obvious, you will have to be a little defensive because there will never be a stranger who wants to go beyond the norm, you must watch more closely over the little you carry in your belongings.

More about traveling in a group

Every trip with several people is an unforgettable experience, at first because you share great moments and laughter at all times, it is important to know that you even have someone to tell your stories with during the sleepless nights, which are usually quite a lot because of the vigils.

At the same time you have a support for those long hours on the roads and rural routes, because some pretty severe accidents usually happen, you have someone to put a bandage on the wounds or accompany you to cry when your body gets tired, it is important to have moral support to not give up at the worst moment.

Which modality is better?

The reality is that this depends on your personal and physical needs, if you have extensive experience in marathons or high impact activity but you want an experience that is a challenge to faith then of course it is valid to try it individually, to have that space to recover your being.

But the best option is always to be in a group to avoid robberies and serious accidents without having someone to help you, the decision is always personal, it is so you can take that course with the best attitude in the world during your trip.

Walking the Camino with us offers the best of two options. You will always feel accompanied.

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