5 Reasons to take the Routes of Santiago de Compostela at least once in a lifetime

Posted on August 2, 2019

The Routes of Santiago de Compostela are more than an excursion; it is a reason to be able to find yourself and be able to experience spiritual peace. There are many reasons why the main argument to do this pilgrimage is the promise to the Apostle Santiago. However, we do not want to miss the opportunity to give you other reasons why you need, at least once in your life, travel the beautiful Routes of Santiago and live this unique and special experience.

The most common reasons why people do the Routes of Santiago de Compostela

  • Finding yourself: This is a very common reason for those pilgrims who travel the Routes of Santiago when they are in a difficult stage of their lives such as a breakup. Many of the pilgrims say that when they walk the Routes alone they can, in turn, find themselves and internalize in their deepest thoughts.
  • Pay a promise: This is the main reason for believers. This is related to those favors that are offered and fulfilled by the Apostle Santiago. The faithful make the journey to his grave in order to pay the promise.
  • To change from the inside: Many pilgrims who have traveled the Routes have said the trip helps you change from inside. Being away from the mundane and in contact with nature will help you to know what matters in life.
  • You can make very good friends: There are millions and millions of people around the world, who are preparing themselves to make this pilgrimage. Therefore, becoming friends with them will expand your world: to know stories, a new language, even a culture, if you visit some hostels you could share one of the best moments of your life with people who have the same reasons to make this wonderful trip.
  • The credential: one of the best memories for a believing traveler or pilgrim is the Credential with the stamps and the constancy in Latin, attesting that you have made the tour. It is considered a valuable document and according to believers, traveling the Routes of Santiago de Compostela reduces your stay in purgatory by half. You can know more about it in this article.
  • Walking for so many days have positive effects on your physical well-being and health since you are doing a sport.

As you can see, being prepared for this experience may favor you both, spiritually and physically, and allows you to expand your horizons.

You can also find those answers you need by having time to reflect.


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