Camino de Santiago With Children

Posted on March 20, 2019

If you are reading this post you might be thinking to embark on the amazing journey of doing the Camino de Santiago with the most important people in your life….your children. You may be wondering if it is possible and which routes are best for them.

Our Marly Camino experts will share with you in this article all you need to know before you launch with your kids on this unforgettable experience.

Doing the Camino de Santiago with Children: an amazing experience

Nowadays, lots of parents can’t afford to spend quality time with their kids on a daily basis. Their work agendas and daily routine leaves them little time to share with the little ones in the house. That’s why family vacations are so important today and specially those that allow us to share, bond and create memories that will live in our lives forever.

The Camino de Santiago with children is a great way to bond with your kids regardless of their age. We have some tips to engage in the Camino de Santiago tour with your kids as it involves some precautions and planning specially if your children are not used to walking for so many kilometers within a few days.

Getting them adequately prepared both physically and mentally while paying attention to their condition will definitely help. Here’s some vital information for you before going for the Camino with your kids.

Age Recommendations

If your children are up to 3 years old, a couple of Camino de Santiago stages can be crossed with them. However, going with a stroller that can be used on the mountain is ideal since your children will get tired eventually. If you have children above 6 years of age, then, you won’t need the stroller. Just make sure you and your little ones stay hydrated during the journey.

The Best Way of Santiago For Your Children

The French Way happens to be the most ideal to do the Camino de Santiago with Children. This Jacobean route has a lot of services and accommodation provisions and happens to be the way that is traveled most, especially, when doing the 100km Santiago de Compostela walk. This is the point where you can locate a lot of resting places and grab even more supplies than in other parts of the popular French Way. The French Way gives children a view of urban environments with great natural landscapes like that of Galicia.

The ideal number of kilometers for every stage

In the Camino de Santiago tour, your children should be introduced in stages since a lot of physical effort is required of them. So, when engaging in the very first stages, frequent breaks can be taken after every hour. For example, the last hundred kilometers for the French way usually occurs in four stages. For Camino de Santiago with children, plan well enough to ensure that each stage lasts for 15km at most.

The best time to walk

We advise that all pilgrims begin the walk from the early hours of the morning and stop at noon. This is usually the hottest time of the day and noon walking can result in discomfort and dehydration. Remember that children do not have a high level of resistance like adults. Also make sure to bring some healthy snacks. If you’re travelling with Marly Camino our tour guides will prepare your backpack with these so that you don’t have to worry.

Preparing your children for Camino de Santiago

Preparation in adults and children are much alike. Early preparation should be carried out weeks before you embark on a walking trip that involves walking for lots of kilometers every day.

Getting adequately prepared will help you to circumvent any unpleasant surprises that occur while doing the Camino. We recommend that you begin preparing at least six weeks in advance. You can take the time to go hiking locally with your kids and give them their own backpacks to carry if they are old enough to bear the weight. Most importantly, getting your children appropriate footwear is essential.

Embarking on the Camino de Santiago with children is a great way to arouse their curiosity. Discuss with your children what the Camino de Santiago tour is all about and what they start to benefit from the adventure. This will help to arouse their desire to engage happily in this amazing family experience.


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