15 Reasons to walk the Camino de Santiago in COVID times

Posted on April 27, 2021

It’s very easy to lose hope in this current situation we’re living. But as Marly says “The best is yet to come”.

The World is asking us to be better, more spiritual and kind people

That’s why we want to talk to you about the reasons why walking the Camino in times of Covid is the best option for when you can return to travelling

It’s the best medicine for our mind, body and soul

We’ve also prepared a great surprise for you. A free E-book that we’re sure you’ll love!

15 Reasons for walking the Camino de Santiago in 2021

There are infinite reasons why the Camino de Santiago is a great travel destination this year. Today we want to share with you the 15 top reasons chosen by our Marly Camino Team:

  • Walking heals. You don’t need any special skills to walk. And the healing benefits of walking, from lowering blood pressure to improving mental well-being and sleep, are well-known.
  • Nature is the source of life, love and well-being. Being in nature nurtures our life force in a way we can’t find anywhere else.
  • The Camino allows us to reconnect with ourselves. It gives us the sacred time and space to listen to our higher selves. To connect with spirit.
  • The Camino awakens all of our senses. Going beyond our basic physical senses to our sense of community, belonging and spirituality.
  • The Camino gives us pure fresh air so we can breathe in the hope we need to carry us forward.
  • Walking is the best form of meditation and prayer. When we mindfully walk for hours, it is an active meditation that allows us to get in touch with ourselves and our surroundings in a more profound way.
  • The Camino helps us come back into harmony and alignment with ourselves. With our mind, with our emotions and our spirit.
  • The Camino offers us a new way of experiencing life. It is so magical to walk daily with a sense of purpose and connection.
  • Because sharing delicious, local meals made with love also nurtures the soul.
  • It is the perfect remedy for loneliness and confinement. It is expansive, liberating, amplifying for our bodies and souls.
  • On the Camino we connect with the values of kindness, solidarity, friendship, human connection, love and humility.
  • The Camino helps us elevate our frequency and infuses us with good vibes!
  • Because a life lived in fear is not life lived at all. The Camino helps us remember that our trust, love and faith lifts us above all fears.
  • Our impeccable organization and heart-centered team will provide all the support you need to make sure you live a safe and unforgettable experience.

Free E-book

Download our free E-book now and share it with your friends and family or people who you would like to walk with. Surely they will enjoy it!

And of course, share with us your reason! You can upload a photo on your Instagram or Facebook profile and tag us @marlycamino #ShareyourReason. That way we can collect more reasons from our Marly Camino Family.

Remember that this 2021 is a Holy Year and we can organize your Camino that suits you best.

In addition, you have the maximum flexibility of cancellation and we will, like always, take care of all the details so that you can have an amazing, safe experience.

Buen Camino!


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