16 Days / 15 Nights


235 km / 146 mi


Medium / High

Start / End

Pamplona - Santiago

Camino Highlights: A selection of the best stages of the French Way.

Travel through Spain’s history along diverse landscapes such as the Pyrenees and pine forests in Navarra, the sweet-smelling vineyards in La Rioja and the wide plains in Castilla until we reach Galicia with its majestic mountains and tranquil oak and chestnut forests. Our Camino Plus begins in the town of Roncesvalles on the border with France and includes a selection of the 13 most beautiful and significant stages of the French Way in Spain. Using our private support vehicle to take us from one stage to the other, you will get a taste of different landscapes, cultures, and food all along the French Way. This Camino includes walking the last and most important 100 kilometers from Sarria to Santiago so you can obtain the Compostela Certificate.

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Insurance Included
Our insurance offers you and us peace of mind. You will be covered during your stay so that if anything physical happens during this trip, you're taken care of in Spain.

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Private Support Vehicle

Experience comfort with our dedicated Camino support vehicle. Our equipped van is stocked with essentials like first aid, snacks, and water. It's your safety net for unexpected situations or when you need a break. Whether you're tired, want to switch shoes, or simply take a pause, our vehicle is at your service.

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Meet our exceptional Camino guides—knowledgeable and fellow pilgrims! Your guide is your Camino companion, bringing laughter, stories, and encouragement. They're here to heal blisters, offer advice, and help you discover the Camino in your own way.

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We've got your back... and your feet! All of our tours include travel insurance, which will be very useful in case you have an emergency during your Camino. Rest easy with included travel insurance for Camino emergencies.

Incomparable Pilgrim's Kit

Embark prepared with our packing list and our Pilgrim’s Kit (Click here to view). This kit features essentials: Your Pilgrim's Passport, the iconic shell, a Marly Camino program with reflections, a waterproof Route Map, pouch, notebook, snacks, and more! Your Camino journey starts here.

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Our Camino Plus includes:

  • Private Support Vehicle
  • English-speaking guide assistance
  • All transfers
  • All breakfasts, drinks and snacks
  • Carefully selected en-suite accommodation
  • Informational program and route map
  • Travel insurance for the entire tour
  • Pilgrims' Kit: small backpack filled with things that will come in handy on your Camino
  • Photos of your Camino
  • 11 Dinners
  • Farewell dinner and surprise
  • 1 Picnic
  • Pilgrims' Mass with Botafumeiro ceremony (under availability)
  • Guided visits in Pamplona, Burgos & León
  • Guided visit in Santiago including the Cathedral's majestic Portico of Glory
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • The Marly Touch 😃

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Meet at Pamplona station
Visit to St. Jean

We meet at 11:30 am in Pamplona at the main train station to drive to the French town of St. Jean Pied de Port. This town is quite lovely and historic. Here we can get our first stamp in our Pilgrim's passport! We will then drive to Roncesvalles for our welcome. If you wish, you can attend the beautiful Pilgrims’ mass before our welcome dinner.

Night in Roncesvalles

Day 2

Roncesvalles - Alto de Erro
18 km / 11.1 mi

Today we discover the beautiful Pyrenean Navarra walking through lovely towns and villages along the way. We will see many staples of the Camino, including the Pilgrim's Cross, which will mark the start of this great adventure. We will also see huge stones called "Pasos de Roldán" or Roldan's footprints, and the spectacular views of the Erro valley that we can enjoy from the top of "Alto de Erro." In the afternoon we will enjoy a guided visit in Pamplona.

Night in Pamplona, Navarra.

Day 3

Cizur Menor - Santa Maria de Eunate
15 km / 9.3 mi

We will travel to the town of Cizur Menor where our exciting second stage begins. We will walk through the village of Zariquiegi, where the marvelous Romanesque church of San Andrés stands out. We will also visit Muruzabal and another Romanesque church, Santa Maria de Eunate, which marks the end of today's stage. Our day finishes with a visit to the beautiful town of Puente la Reina and its stunning Romanesque bridge.

Night in Logroño, La Rioja

Day 4

Nájera - Santo Domingo de la Calzada
22 km / 13.6 mi

In the morning we will drive to the historic town of Nájera. We will be able to see the incredible change from what is called "Rioja media" with its beautiful vineyards to the "Rioja Alta" where the vines give way to never-ending fields of grain. We will find the stunning town of Azofra then continue until we reach the impressive Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Night in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Day 5

Villafranca Montes de Oca - Ages
16 km / 9.9 mi

Today's stage will take us through forest paths to important towns like Ages, an impressive example of Castilian architecture on the Camino, and the village of San Juan de Ortega. We will then drive to the majestic city of Burgos where we shall take part in a private guided tour of the city that will reveal the many masterpieces of Gothic art and architecture that adorn the city including its magnificent Cathedral.

Night in Burgos.

Day 6

Ruina de San Antón - Itero de la Vega
14.5 km / 9 mi

We begin in the ruins of what used to be the convent of San Antón, with its two pointed arches still towering above the ruins. Then we will pass by Castrojeriz, which played a vital role in Castilla's history and houses more than half a dozen cultural interest sites, among which the Colegiata de Santa Maria del Manzano. From here, we continue our walk until we arrive in Itero de la Vega, finishing point for today.

Night in León.

Day 7

Rest Day
Walking city visit

In the morning, we will enjoy a private tour of León and its awe-inspiring Cathedral. Then we will visit the legendary town of Hospital de Órbigo, where we will cross the "Passo Honroso" bridge, one of the longest bridges on the Camino. We will then drive to Astorga were two of the most essential Camino de Santiago routes meet, the French Way and the famous "Vía de la Plata."

Night in Astorga.

Day 8

Rabanal del Camino - El Acebo
16.8 km / 10.4 mi

We leave the region of León to venture into the area of El Bierzo. We begin in Foncebadón, reaching "La Cruz de Ferro" or the Iron Cross, one of the most spiritual sites on the Camino, then continue until we get to the world-famous Pilgrim's Hospital in Manjarín. We head to Molinaseca and one of the most picturesque Romanesque-style bridges on the Camino.

Night in Molinaseca.

Day 9

A Faba - Alto do Poio
14.6 km / 9 mi

Today, we walk through the town of O’ Cebreiro. This town marks the beginning of the Camino in Galicia, and one of it's highest points at 1300 meters above sea level. We will see 'Las Pallozas,’ Celtic buildings constructed of stone and hay. At that point, we go to "Alto do Poio" and stop right before the steep downhill path that leads to the town of Triacastela.

Night in Sarria.

Day 10

Sarria (Barbadelo) - Portomarín 

18.7 km / 11.6 mi

We will come across many little villages and towns of which the most interesting are Sarria, Barbadelo, Ferreiros and Portomarín. We will see the lovely the convent of "La Magdalena” originally founded as a Pilgrim's hospital in the 13th century. Other interesting places on our way include the church of "Santiago de Barbadelo" with its impressive architecture, the Romanesque portico at the church of Ferreiros and we will reach the legendary 100 km marker!

Night in Sarria

Day 11

Portomarín - Palas de Rei
24.3 km / 15 mi

Today's journey will take us through the small villages of Portomarín, Ligonde and Vilacha. We have the opportunity to see the wonderful view of the Miño river valley right outside the town of Vilachá. We will see the church of St. Nicholas and the famous Romanesque façade of San Pedro's church in Portomarín as well as the church of "Vilar de Donas", one of the best examples of Romanesque art associated with the Camino.

Night in Palas de Rei

Day 12

Palas de Rei - Boente
20.7 km / 12.9 mi

What a great day Pilgrims! We will cross the border that divides the provinces of Lugo and La Coruña via an ancient Roman road. Ready for the true jewels of the Camino? Once we get to La Coruña we will see the church of "La virgen de las nieves" at Furelos, the Romanesque portico of San Tirso's church in the lovely village of Palas de Rei. We will see two important and beautiful churches: Sancti Spiritus and Santa Maria de Melide in Melide.

Night in Arzúa

Day 13

Boente - Salceda
19.5 km / 12.1 mi

Today's walk will take us through the lovely towns of Arzúa and Castañeda, both very closely linked to the Camino's history. In Arzúa we can see the beautiful and gothic chapel of "La Magdalena". This church was founded in the 14th century. We can also enjoy some of Arzúa's delicious cheese which was given Denomination of Origin.

Night in Arzúa

Day 14

Salceda - Monte do Gozo
22.9 km / 14.2 mi

Today's schedule includes: Salceda, A Brea, Santa Irene and A Rua until we finally reach the lovely town of Lavacolla, in ancient times, Lavacolla was the place where the purification ritual needed to arrive in Santiago was performed.

Night in Lavacolla

Day 15

Monte do Gozo - Santiago de Compostela
4.8 km / 2.9 mi

How exciting! We are reaching our final destination: Santiago's Cathedral. We are scheduled to arrive in Santiago before 12:00 pm, this will give you plenty of time in case you wish to attend the pilgrim’s mass and/or perform any pilgrim rituals like hugging the Apostle Santiago. In the evening, we will have a wonderful farewell surprise accompanied by a delicious dinner to celebrate our arrival.

Night in Santiago de Compostela

Day 16

Day in Santiago
Walking city tour

In the morning we will enjoy a guided visit in Santiago where you will discover Santiago's culture and history. We will visit the Cathedral's majestic Portico of Glory.

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