What is a Marly Camino Pilgrim’s kit & what does it include?

How are the Marly Camino Pilgrim’s kits created?

As we are the Camino experts, we put together the Pilgrim’s kits with items that we know are needed and that you will love to have along the way. Every single one of them is created with love, dedication and passion to make sure you have an experience that is excellent in every single way.

What does the Pilgrim’s kit include?

The kit comes in a very useful Marly Camino backpack, filled with Camino goodies. We have created this guide to tell you exactly what these “Camino goodies” are. Hope you enjoy it!


Am I going to get a Pilgrim’s kit?

All of our pilgrims receive a Pilgrim’s kit. At Marly Camino, we want you to feel comfortable during your journey. Our main goal is to give you peace of mind and for you to focus solely on the Camino experience. We think every single detail counts because it is an opportunity to show you that, as part of our family, you are incredibly important and special for us.

The Camino is an opportunity to reflect on yourself, your needs, your ideas and your dreams. We want you to relax and not have to worry about small details that we will take care of for you.

When am I going to get a Pilgrim’s kit?

You will receive your Pilgrim’s kit on the first day of your Camino. Every Camino starts with a lovely greeting from our staff, (most of the times Marly herself) and you will receive the kit along with all information needed for your walk. We understand what it means to be in a foreign country, don’t worry; with us you have total support.


Thank you for reading about our Pilgrim’s kit, we look forward to having you on one of our Caminos. Please feel free to leave us a comment or question, we would love to hear from you!

20 Comments on “What is a Marly Camino Pilgrim’s kit & what does it include?”

  1. Hola!
    I have 2 questions:

    1) I would like to bring my walking sticks. They collapse into a suitcase with the dimensions that is one size larger than the ones you had requested. May I bring a larger suitcase that will fit my walking sticks?

    2) I will need a hotel to stay in overnight from October 11-12. Do you have a recommendation for a hotel near Madrid Airport with shuttle to Madrid Airport?

    Thank you
    Leianne Lee Loy

    1. Hi Leianne, good to hear from you, we have answered your questions on a private email. See you soon!

  2. We will arrive in Santiago Compostala Sat. Sept 30. Have three days to rest up and want to what NOT to miss. Going to pilgrims mass on Sunday. This is a dream come true.

    1. Hi Nixon, how exciting, you will love the Camino, the mass and Santiago de Compostela. If you are coming with Marly Camino you will receive a backpack kit. Are you looking for suggestions on what not to miss in Madrid or in Santiago de Compostela?

  3. I am thinking of doing the camino. I am 79 years old and in good health. Do you have any age requirements?

    1. Hi, Tom, thanks for writing. We don’t have any age requirements. If you want us to provide more information about our different routes, send us an email to [email protected] and one of our Camino Specialist will contact you as soon as possible. Buen Camino!

  4. As it’s my namesake, I’d really like to visit the town of Ulibarri. I intend to take either the North Coast or the French Way walk. Can a 1/2 day side trip by added to the walk? Would it be better to just plan to visit the town before or after the walk?

    1. That sounds wonderful, we recommend organizing a pre o post-activity to visit Ulibarri and taking probably a full day visit. If you want us to contact you and talk about your Camino and activity choices? Please let us know here.

  5. Hello, My name is Yoli V. Sanchez. I live in Elgin, Tx. and am very interested in going on the Santiago Pilgrimage Walk. I have a concern that I would not be able to do even the 8 miles within a day, which was stated that that was the lite walk.

    I have arthritis in both my knees and cannot walk that far on a daily basis. The most I could probably do is 3 miles in a day and that would be pushing it. How would that work? Would I still be allowed to go on one of your guided tours?

    Thanks for answering my questions of concern.


    Yoli V. Sanchez
    Sister in Christ

    1. Hi, Yoli, thank you so much for writing us, I have sent your petition to our Camino Specialist team, they will get back to you very soon answering all your questions. Have a great day!

    1. Hi, Ronaldo, that’s a very good question, on every of our guided tours, we will find a limited amount of walking sticks in the support van, for our pilgrims use in case of need. On the other hand, if you want to request one for the whole tour, you can ask your Camino Specialist and we will gladly provide you with one at no cost. Thanks for writing, we will see you soon, and Buen Camino!

  6. Hi, do you have to be able to walk the entire distances, I have a previously broke foot that aches after walking about 2-3 hours. I think 12K is probably close to my daily limit. My sister has asked me to accompany her on this trip and I would love to say yes. I would not be doing the pilgrimage to receive the “completion certificate” but more for my own “personal” accomplishment and experience. Would I just catch a lift in the support van after I have walked as much as I could each day? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Cindy.
      We want to make sure all of our pilgrims to feel as comfortable as possible when walking the Camino with us. You will be absolutely free to walk as much as you wish each day and, whenever you need it you can hop on our support van. Your decision of walking the Camino as a personal accomplishment is indeed a wonderful choice and it will surely be a gratifying experience.

    1. Hi Angel, thank you for your question. The dimensions of the pilgrim kit are 37.29 cm (height) 33.48 cm (length) 9.62 cm (width), and the backpack with contents will weight around 2 pounds. Hope you find our answer useful, any more questions, don´t hesitate to write to us, have a nice day and Buen Camino 🙂

  7. I have not looked fully into this, but I would definitely like the guidance you provide.., but I may want to stay in a village of city for a day or two..then maybe take transportation, then start walking again..for a few or several days and rest..and keep doing it that way.. Can I plan something like that with you.. guided but also with freedom.?

    1. Dear Kathleen, it is a pleasure to greet you, one of our Camino Planners will contact you very soon will all the information regarding your wonderful guided Camino. Have a great day!

  8. hi, i am absolutely looking forward to doing the Camino, as for which one yet i have not decided. As you know this year has been quite devastating for Australia and I’m sure the rest of the world. So with this in mind I’m looking at doing the Camino in 2022 and would like basic costs please. Im looking at staying at accommodations during the night (I’ll be 64) and a comfortable bed. Thank you and i look forward to meeting you and others during my walk.

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