12 Days / 11 Nights


152 km / 94 mi


Medium / High

Start / End

León - Santiago

Last 150 km of the French Way from Leon to Santiago

In our Gastronomic French Camino, you will enjoy a full gastronomic and wine experience where you will taste the exquisite flavors offered of Castilla y León, El Bierzo and Galicia. Your palate will be delighted!

The entire Galician Way. Start your walk from O'Cebreiro and follow your way to Santiago de Compostela.

Celebrating your arrival in Santiago you will continue your tour to the famous end of the earth, Finisterre, where you will taste spectacular seafood and the best products in the area.

Cancellation Insurance

With our cancellation insurance, you will be covered in case of cancellation of your travel due to health reasons, legal, labor or extraordinary reasons.

The cost of the cancellation insurance will be 2.6% of the value of the tour + extras.

If you need more information regarding our cancellation insurance and procedures, you can contact us here

Means and Assistance

Private support vehicle

You will have a support vehicle throughout your Camino. You can use it if you are tired or if you don’t want to keep walking for any reason, if you want to leave or take things during your walk or if you want to change your shoes. Our van is equipped with a first aid kit, medicines, snacks, water and fruits. This vehicle will cover any unexpected circumstances.


Our incomparable Camino guides are not just fountains of knowledge; they are pilgrims too! Your guide will be your friend on the Camino; a friend who will make you laugh with Camino stories and anecdotes, offer you encouragement and cure your blisters, and maybe even help you to find what you’re looking for along the way.


All of our tours include travel insurance, which will be very useful in case you have an emergency during your Camino. Also, we offer cancellation insurance at a special price, which will vary depending on your Camino.

Pilgrim's Kit

We prepare you for your walk by sending you a packing list with recommendations on what to bring along on your trip, and provide a backpack with our Pilgrim’s Kit (Click here to view) that includes: Your Pilgrim's Passport, the shell, a Marly Camino program with reflections and waterproof Route Map, a waterproof pouch, notebook, snacks and more!

Dates & Price 2021:

3705 €

Single Supplement + 820 €

  • Pick your dates for groups

Dates & Price 2022:

4260 €

Single Supplement + 945 €

  • Pick your dates for groups

Dates & Price 2023:

Single Supplement + €

  • Pick your dates for groups

The price includes:

  • Private Van Support & Luggage transfer
  • All breakfasts, drinks and snacks
  • Pilgrims' Kit
  • Travel insurance for the entire tour
  • Visit to the Extraordinary Portico of Glory (NOT included in the Ignatian Camino)
  • Carefully selected en suite accommodation
  • English-speaking guide assistance
  • Informational program and route map
  • Photos of your Camino
  • Farewell dinner and surprise
  • Pilgrim´s Mass
  • Botafumeiro (Subject to availability). (Not included in the Ignatian Camino)
  • Value added Tax (VAT)
  • Night at the Parador in Santiago
  • 10 Dinners
  • Transfers from León to Santiago
  • Tasting of typical Galician Products in Santiago
  • Lunch in Melide, town famous for its octopus
  • 1 Picnic
  • Full-day trip to Finisterre with lunch
  • Visit to wine cellars from el Bierzo plus tasting
  • Guided visits of León, Santiago and Finisterre

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Meet in León.
Light city walking

Our meeting point will be in the beautiful city of León at the Hotel at 4:00 pm. We will enjoy a guided visit through this beautiful city, after which we will return to the accommodation for a welcome cocktail followed by a wonderful dinner where we will sample some of Leon's wonderful culinary delicacies.

Night in León

Day 2

Day of visits
Light walking

We head from León toward the region of "El Bierzo" stopping at the historic bridge "Puente de Orbigo" & the beautiful city of Astorga. We visit historic places such as Rabanal del Camino, Foncebadón, and the famous "Cruz de Ferro" (Iron Cross). We will meet a real Templar Knight at the Pilgrim's hostel in Manjarín. Finally, we will enjoy a private wine-tasting. In the evening we will be treated to a delicious dinner focusing on regional products. Night in El Bierzo

Day 3

O' Cebreiro - Triacastela
21 km / 13 mi

Today our Camino begins! We will begin our Pilgrimage in the town of O’ Cebreiro, which is the beginning of the Camino de Santiago in Galicia and home of what is known as the "Eucharistic miracle of O' Cebreiro." Then we will make our way along beautiful mountain paths until we reach the highest point of the Camino in Galicia, the "Alto do Poio" peak, where we can enjoy breathtaking views. After this, we will continue on our Way until we reach the town of Triacastela. Night in Samos

Day 4

Triacastela - Sarria
19 km / 11.8 mi

Today we will walk through the beautiful forests of the Oribio river valley. The highlight of this stage is the Monastery of Samos, run by Benedictine monks since the 9th century. The end point is one of the most important cities on the entire Camino, the beautiful city of Sarria.

Night in Sarria

Day 5

Sarria (Barbadelo) - Portomarín
18.7 km / 11.6 mi

On this stage we will come across many little villages and towns, the most interesting of which are Barbadelo, Ferreiros, Vilachá and Portomarín where we will see many monuments such as: the beautiful church of "Santiago de Barbadelo", the Romanesque portico at the church of Ferreiros, and the fortified church of St. Nicholas in Portomarín. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Miño river valley right outside the town of Vilachá. Night in Sarria

Day 6

Portomarín - Palas de Rei
24.3 km / 15 mi

Today's journey will take us through beautiful oak and eucalyptus forests passing by the villages of Gonzar, Ventas de Narón, Ligonde and Airexe on our way to the town of Palas de Rei.

Night in Palas de Rei

Day 7

Palas de Rei - Boente
20.7 km / 12.9 mi

We walk along forest paths passing by the town of Palas de Rei famous for its Romanesque portico of San Tirso's church. We will then cross over the border of the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña via an ancient Roman road. Once in A Coruña, we will marvel at real jewels of the Camino, such as the church of "La Virgen de las nieves." In Melide, we will sample in one of its many "Pulperías."

Night in Arzúa.

Day 8

Boente - Salceda
19.5 km / 12.1 mi

Today we will start our walk from the town of Boente, home of the spectacular church of Santiago, and continue on through the lovely towns of Arzúa, Ribadiso, and Castañeda, all very closely linked to the Camino's history.

Night in Arzúa

Day 9

Salceda - Monte do Gozo
22.9 km / 14.2 mi

We will walk through the beautiful villages of A Brea and A Rua. Along the way, we will see the hermitage of St. Irene, with its curative properties baroque fountain and the town of Lavacolla, where the ancient purification ritual needed to arrive in Santiago was performed. We end at Monte do Gozo (Mount of Joy), where we can enjoy a marvelous view of Santiago and our final destination, the Cathedral.

Night in Lavacolla.

Day 10

Monte do Gozo - Santiago de Compostela
4.8 km / 2.9 mi

Today is our journey's most exciting day! We will make our way to our final destination: Santiago's Cathedral. We are scheduled to arrive in Santiago before 12:00 pm, so that those who wish to attend the Pilgrim’s Mass and perform any pilgrim rituals like hugging the Apostle Santiago can do so. In the evening, we will have a wonderful farewell surprise accompanied by a delicious dinner to celebrate our arrival.

Night in Santiago de Compostela

Day 11

Day in Finisterre
Light city walking

We will go on a tour to Finisterre. Pilgrims have ended their Camino de Santiago at this town's famous lighthouse for centuries, where in ancient times the Non Plus Ultra gate was believed to mark the end of the known world.

Night in Santiago

Day 12

Day in Santiago
Light city walking

In the morning, we will have a guided visit by with an expert along the old city to understand the history of Santiago and the pilgrimages.

To celebrate our incredible pilgrimage we will have an exclusive tasting of traditional Galician products, you will get to know the origin of each product and plate in a delightful environment full of traditions and modernity.

Your Camino through life begins!

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