13 Days / 12 Nights


164 km / 102 mi


Medium / Low

Start / End

San Sebastian - Santiago

4170 €

Single room supplement +690€


Walk and taste your way through the North of Spain.

On our North Coast Camino you will experience breathtaking natural beauty, magnificent accommodations and exquisite food. We begin our journey in Europe’s culinary capital, San Sebastián, home of some of the world's best restaurants. We will then begin our Pilgrimage to Santiago travelling through beautiful forests, charming villages and historic towns and cities such as Bilbao, Santillana del Mar, Comillas, Cangas de Onis and Oviedo. This 164 kilometer journey is divided into 11 delightful walking stages and includes visits to amazing sites like the Guggenheim Museum, the Beach of the Cathedrals and the Caves of Altamira. Along the Way we will enjoy Spain's magnificent Paradores and authentic Galician rural manors, personally selected by us for their great hospitality and service.

Our North Coast Camino includes:

  • Private Van Support & Luggage transfer
  • Carefully selected en suite accommodation
  • All breakfasts, drinks and snacks
  • English-speaking guide assistance
  • Mobile phones with a Spanish line
  • Informational program and route map
  • Pilgrims' Kit
  • Photos of your Camino
  • Travel insurance for the entire tour
  • Farewell dinner and surprise
  • Guaranteed BOTAFUMEIRO ritual (Santiago only)
  • Value added Tax (VAT)
  • Accommodation in 5-star hotels and Paradores
  • Lunch in San Sebastian
  • All Dinners
  • 2 meals in Michelin-Star restaurants (1 dinner & 1 lunch)
  • Guided visits in San Sebastian & Oviedo
  • Visit to Guggenheim Museum
  • Visit to the Caves of Altamira


All breakfasts, one lunch and all dinners are included in this tour. This Camino offers a unique and unforgettable gastronomical experience. We have carefully selected the restaurants and included meals so you can have a taste of the highest quality, most delicious, and unique local cuisine. You will have the pleasure of eating in two Michelin Star restaurants. In the evenings we will have exquisite dinners at our place of accommodation, usually beautiful Paradores, where we will be able to taste the best regional cuisine.


All of our accommodations are hand-picked to give you the best possible experience. In most cities, we stay in the prestigious Paradores of Spain. Paradores are emblematic, elegant and exclusive hotels in important historical buildings and usually in privileged locations. This includes the prestigious Parador de los Reyes Católicos in Santiago de Compostela during our last night.


You walk at your own pace. There is no one you have to follow or walk with. We have meeting points along the way where our support vehicle will be waiting with snacks, fruit and water and to make sure everything is OK. We also offer assistance 
for any unexpected circumstances or simply to relieve muscular pain or cure blisters. If you do not want to keep walking for any reason, you can hop on the support vehicle or be taken back to the hotel. You mustn't worry about getting lost as the yellow arrows always show the way. Moreover, on the Camino you are never alone.
After the daily walk, and after we’ve all had lunch we will head back to the hotel where we can shower, freshen up and have a much-deserved rest.

Before and After

Before: We meet in the city of San Sebastián on the first day. We recommend flying to San Sebastián from Madrid, which is a short one-hour flight. You can also take the train from many of Spain’s main cities, including Madrid. The train from Madrid to San Sebastián has a duration of about 5 to 6 hours.

After: Our tour ends in Santiago de Compostela at around 5:00 pm on the last day. Transportation back to Madrid is NOT included.
You can join one of our add-on tours, stay in Santiago on your own, or leave on the last day of the tour. We recommend flying from Santiago to Madrid, which is the best and easiest option. There are plenty of flights throughout the day, and the flight has a duration of one hour. You can book online or through your travel agency.

Extra hotel reservations: If you would like to book extra nights in San Sebastián, Madrid, or Santiago before or after the tour, we’d be happy to send you a list of hotels we work with and assist you with the reservations.

Means and Assistance

Vehicle and guide

A vehicle and guide for logistical support will be available during the entire route. It shall be of help not only for the pilgrims in transit but for the transport of luggage and to cover any other needs that might arise along the way. It will have fruits, snacks, water, medicine, first aid kits and everything necessary for unexpected situations.

Luggage transferred

The luggage will be transferred from one hotel to the next using the support vehicle. For the walk you can take a small/medium backpack for a camera, water bottle, and personal belongings. You can use the one we provide, or bring your own.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones with a spanish line will be handed out for the period of the tour for every 2 or 3 pilgrims. This will allow you to communicate with the driver or guides for any reason at all times. The number can also be given to family members back home to receive phone calls.

Packing list

We will send you a packing list with recommendations on what to bring along on your trip, along with a ‘Guide to Your Camino’ which answers questions regarding laundry, tip, and other useful topics.


  • May 15 - May 27, 17
  • May 29 - Jun 10, 17
  • Aug 31 - Sep 12, 17
  • Sep 07 - Sep 19, 17
  • Sep 21 - Oct 03, 17

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1

Day in San Sebastian
Light city walking

We meet the first day at a wonderful hotel in the beautiful city of San Sebastián. You can check in whenever you arrive and then meet us in the hotel lobby at 11:00 am for a welcome toast. We will then walk through the winding streets of San Sebastián on a ‘Pintxos’ tour for a delicious and typical lunch.
At 9:00 pm we will enjoy a welcome dinner in a Michelin Star restaurant where we will savour the delicacies of the New Basque Cuisine orchestrated by one of the world’s most renowned chefs.

We spend the night in San Sebastian.

Day 2

San Sebastián - Buztintxuri
8.5 km / 5.3 mi

We follow the yellow arrows along ‘La Concha’ out of San Sebastián and towards the hills of Igueldo. We make a tiny detour to the end of the promenade to visit the ‘Combs of the Wind’ created by the famed Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida. As we continue our walk, delightful views accompany us, the coast to our right and green hills to our left.
After finishing the stage, we head to the city of Bilbao where we will visit the Guggenheim Museum.

We spend the night in the lovely Bilbao.

Day 3

Otañes - Castro-Urdiales
9 km / 5.6 mi

We will walk along scenic mountain paths and through a number of beautiful towns until we reach the promenade of Castro-Urdiales. We then head to the picturesque town of Santillana del Mar. At 5:00 we will visit the world-famous Caves of Altamira.

We spend the night in the Parador in Santillana del Mar.

Day 4

Comillas - San Vicente de la Barquera
12.4 km / 7.7 mi

Before starting our walk we will visit the town of Comillas, a top vacation spot for the royal family and high society. This is the last stage in the region of Cantabria and it is characterized by the interesting and emblematic towns we will visit.

We spend the night in the Parador in Cangas de Onis.

Day 5

La Isla - Priesca
13 km / 8 mi

We will start our walk near the beach and work our way up through the hills to end up in Priesca. The city of Oviedo awaits us after the walk for lunch and a visit with a local guide.

We spend the night in Oviedo

Day 6

Soto del Barco - El Pito
10 km / 6.2 mi

Our stage for today is short and sweet. After reaching the beautiful town of El Pito, we go to Figueras and reach Ribadeo, our place of accommodation, by boat as it was done traditionally by the pilgrims. We will visit the famous Playa de las Catedrales (Beach of the Cathedrals) depending on the tide.

We spend the night in the Parador in Ribadeo, right in front of the sea.

Day 7

Pontevella - Vilalba
11.5 km / 7.1 mi

We start at a crossroads and cross a bridge to find ourselves surrounded by beautiful scenery until we enter the city of Villalba and reach the Parador on foot. We will enjoy the city and the majestic accommodations, rest and then partake in a dinner fit for kings and queens.

We spend the night in the Parador in Vilalba.

Day 8

Baamonde - Altos de Mamoa
18 km / 11.2 mi

We will begin the last hundred kilometers necessary to obtain the Compostela certificate, taking the Camino towards A Coruña. We will pass by the San Alberte chapel and a large number of lovely little towns.

We spend the night in the Parador in Vilalba.

Day 9

Altos de Mamoa - Sobrado dos Monxes
21 km / 13 mi

We will head towards the small town of Marcela eventually reaching the highest point of the entire North Way. Crossing the border of Lugo to enter A Coruña, we will end our stage in the 10th century monastery of Santa María in Sobrado dos Monxes. 

We spend the night in Arzúa in a lovely rural manor.

Day 10

Sobrado dos Monxes - Arzúa
21 km / 13 mi

We will start walking the last bit straight to Santiago in longer stages. We will follow the paved road through a number of towns and the generally rural Galicia. The end of this stage is where the North Way and the French Way unite. We will enjoy a delicious pairing of different local cheeses and honeys.

We spend the night in Arzúa in a lovely rural manor.

Day 11

Arzúa - Pedrouzo
20 km / 12.4 mi

Since many of the different Caminos, or ways to Santiago have united, we will notice many more pilgrims and services along the way. We will walk through forests and towns until we reach Pedrouzo, which has been important place for pilgrims throughout history and still is today.

Our place of accommodation is the perfect place for rest and relaxation in Lavacolla.

Day 12

Pedrouzo - Santiago
20 km / 12.4 mi

Thinking about our destination will give us all the energy necessary to reach it! The Cathedral in Santiago will make this mostly urban stage completely worth it.

We will stay at one of the most prestigious Paradores in Spain: El Parador de los Reyes Católicos, where we will enjoy a wonderful dinner and a beautiful surprise.

Day 13

Day in Santiago
Light city walking

In the morning we offer a guided visit through Santiago for our group. The focus of the guided visit will be on the old city, where we will recall the history of the city and the pilgrimage to Santiago through its main monuments, squares and streets. During the visit we will enter the Cathedral where, in addition to its history and evolution, well-known traditions will be explained. We will also enjoy an exclusive visit to the Cathedral's roof to enjoy the most spectacular view of the city. Our Tour ends at approximately 1 pm. Your Camino through life begins!

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How do I get to San Sebastian?

You can fly into San Sebastian or take the train. From Madrid, the flight is 1 hour and the train takes about 5 hours.

Will the guide walk with us?

No, the guide does not walk with the group. You to walk on your own…