How to celebrate Christmas on the Camino de Santiago?

Posted on December 23, 2014

If you want to spend Christmas on the Camino. it can be an amazing experience for you. Be aware that during Christmas time there could be less (or almost no) pilgrims along the Camino and, as you will be getting there in the middle of winter time, the weather may not be that great. In case you still want to do it, we recommend a French way Camino because this is the most popular and famous way and you may find more hotels and resources there.

Book in advance

We also recommend the French Way because during Christmas time it may be very difficult to find accommodations on any of the other routes. Be aware of the albergues closing times (some of them are only open from May to October). It will definitely be easier to find accommodations on the French Way but we recommend for you to book everything in advance. You shouldn’t have much problem in the bigger cities but it may be difficult in small towns. As this may be a self-guided trip, you have to be prepared with maps and all the necessary resources. Just remember… as in any Camino, you DON’T want to carry too much stuff.

Be prepared..

If  you want to celebrate Christmas on the Camino, you need to be prepared. We recommend for you to have waterproof shoes or boots, waterproof warm clothing would be convenient too. As you know, you will be walking all day long so you may want to use layers to be prepared for different changes in temperature.

That said, it could be a spiritual and inspiring life experience…

Christmas on the Camino de Santiago

Can you imagine how does it feel to walk the Camino during christmas week? Although it may feel more challenging that during the rest of the year, the time for reflection and the humanity, openness and solidarity transmitted by those you meet, all create a special energy that you feel as you walk. Maybe there won’t be as many pilgrims, but it will also be a different experience. Many of those who come are searching. What are we searching for exactly? Aren’t we always searching?

One of our pilgrims told us the story of her 2010 Christmas at the Camino. She was an American Pilgrim who walked the Camino by herself as a self guided trip. She told us that she struggled with weather some days (other days the sun was shining). She mentioned that it wasn’t the best moment to do the Camino, but it was the only time of the year that her schedule allowed. In spite of the difficulties, she mentioned that on Christmas Eve, the people at her hotel bonded in such way that it made her trip. Also, as the Camino wasn’t busy, it allowed for her to take a pause from her daily lives to reflect.

We get lost in our day to day, with little time to reflect on ourselves, life, our relationships, what we want and how we can improve. Then the day to day becomes the month to month, the year to year and the decade to decade. Lots of people can only find time to do this amazing pilgrimage during Christmas. Christmas is a wonderful time to understand the power of that moment, that experience, that stroke of insight, it can change our perception, and perception is everything.

Are you aware of how much power you possess?

That is the Camino Christmas gift what we want to give you. How well do you know yourself? How do you want to feel? Know your body. Understand and manage you emotions. Identify your obstacles and limitations and break through them. Dismantle fear. Get in touch with your soul, with your spirituality, with your essence..  Accept, love and trust yourself, no matter what.

The Camino gives you the opportunity to reconnect and experience life as such a beautiful adventure. We think that because of the emotional connection during this time of the year, Christmas on the Camino could be absolutely inspiring.

From our hearts, we wish you a beautiful Christmas where LOVE is the best gift and a Buen Camino for next year!

Christmas on the Camino de Santiago: wishes from the Marly Camino Team

We want to share the excitement of Christmas on the Camino de Santiago with you, just like we’ve special moments with you this year. May all the stars in the sky illuminate your ‘way’ this New Year and that you continue walking under a radiant blue sky filled with happiness…  We hope you share beautiful moments with loved ones and many moments of union. Pilgrims, remember that where there is love there is a way. We have collected some messages from our team for you:

blog de Marly Camino

Ligia and Samantha

Dear friend pilgrim!

I wish all the best for you and your family now, Tomorrow and the rest of your life!
I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015.
I wish all the best during your own Camino of life. Buen Camino

-Jose Luis

Dear Pilgrims, May the Camino be within your hearts, full of blessings, happiness and great memories shared, and with more unique adventures yet to come for the next year. Wish you a Merry Christmas on the Camino and happy new year 2015


A big hug and a big kiss to all the pilgrims with whom I have had the privilege to share the pilgrimage through the Camino this year 2.014. For everyone of you and those you love my best wishes of peace and health. Ultreia peregrinos!!!


Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Merry Chrismas and happy new year.

Big kisses and Buen Camino in your live.


 Dear Pilgrims,

I wish you merry Christmas and happy new steps in your Camino!


Dear pilgrims!!!! I wish you all an amazing Christmas time with your loved ones and that 2015 comes full of enthusiasm to continue to walk the path of life … always remember that St. James is with you all, wherever you are, and that your heart is the best guide that you can follow. In Marly Camino we wait for you with open arms if you want to share with us a magical experience on the Camino de Santiago, and if we don’t see, remember that you’ll be always in our hearts. Buen Camino peregrinos!


Buen Camino peregrinos! Merry Christmas on the Camino de Santiago!


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