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Posted on December 5, 2017

What would Christmas be like if we all gave from the heart? Would the gifts be material things? What was the first thought that came to your mind?

When we were thinking about what the best Christmas present would be, we came up with this contest for two main reasons:

First Because we would love to give a “Camino de Santiago” to someone who needs it. The Camino de Santiago is a very special experience that allows you to have the opportunity to connect with nature, other people, yourself and with life. Giving this transformative experience to someone who needs it is the most important thing for us and we do it from the heart.

Second Because we believe that people should be more sensitive to others’ needs. To participate in this contest we ask you to send us the story of someone who you believe could be healed by the Camino. This will help all of us think about what motivates and makes the people around us happy. This action will help us come closer to all those who have touched our lives, opening our hearts through reflection.

The Christmas season is a time to share joy and happiness. We’re sure that we can fill peoples’ lives with joy through simple acts that come from the heart!

Marly couldn’t have said it better:

“Think about which of your loved ones you can pay extra special attention to. You can call them to tell them you love them, visit them, simply sit and listen to them, give them an extra big hug or send them a card or a letter letting them know you care about them.

There are so many people that have a difficult time expressing their emotions. We must take every opportunity to tell our loved ones how we feel. How many of us hold in our feelings without knowing the damage this does to us?

Let’s start this Christmas season by saying how we feel. What if we start by telling our family and friends that WE LOVE THEM? Let’s open our hearts and let them know!”

– Marly

What is a gift from the heart? Surely at first you can’t think of many things, but when you begin to think about it you will run out of space to write all the ideas that come to you. Try it and see!, It happened to us when we were coming up with this contest. The best gift is the one that excites us, and what could be more exciting than the Camino de Santiago?

With this contest our goal is to get you closer to the people that need you, being more generous, thoughtful and opening our eyes to how many people you have around you that could use your help. We simply want you to give a gift from the heart to someone who really needs it. We get the biggest rewards by giving gifts expecting nothing in return, starting with the great personal satisfaction that you will feel.

The World need more actions that come from the heart. The World needs for us to be a little kinder and a little less rational. In the end the thing that will push us forward the most in life is LOVE.

When you give from the heart you feel a profound happiness and wellbeing because you are giving your best to others with no strings attached, and that is the best gift any human being could ask for.

It’s the perfect moment to change the life of those who have changed yours!


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