How to be prepared for the Routes of Santiago de Compostela without any experience?

Posted on July 26, 2019

The Routes of Santiago de Compostela are one of the activities where millions of tourists from all over the world get ready to travel kilometers and kilometers until they reach the Apostle Santiago’s tomb.

If you have made a promise to the apostle and want to pay it or you simply want to start this new adventure to connect with nature and yourself, then it is important that you know how to be prepared even, if you have no experience, because the Routes are very hard.

4 tips to be prepared for the Routes of Santiago de Compostela

Before getting ready, first, you should know which route you are going to travel, because there are about 50 alternatives to make the pilgrimage, and once you have information about your favorite route then you can start preparing yourself.

For those who are in their first experience, we recommend the French Route and the Lebaniego Route.

Among the best tips, we recommend:

  1. Train physically: As we have said, the Routes of Santiago de Compostela are not easy to travel, and walking is not enough if you do not have physical resistance to support 20 km per day. Since the tour can last for weeks, it is recommended that you do exercises and practice months before starting your trip. Therefore, you will be able to face it much better.
  2. Prepare your luggage: Preparing your backpack is essential because you should only carry the necessary and not carry too much weight to avoid getting tired. A special traveling backpack is recommended, and try to bring about three or four changes of clothes, enough water, non-perishable food or fruits, hats, and creams to protect you from the sun, a sleeping bag, and a first aid kit. You can read our article with practical advice about the backpack here.
  3. Wear special footwear: Footwear is vitally important when traveling. Wear especial sports shoes for long walks that are not very tight. Avoid wearing sandals or low sneakers. Also, do not forget to wear thick socks and smear some vaseline to avoid blisters on your feet. We also recommend you to read this article with more information.
  4. Adapt yourself to your way of traveling the routes: Did you know that you can travel the Routes of Santiago de Compostela by bicycle or on horseback? If you do not want to walk you can choose one of these options, but we recommend you always enjoy it on foot and keep your own pace. In our guided routes you will have all the support and help you may need at any time.


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