How to celebrate a birthday at the Camino de Santiago?

Posted on November 7, 2013

“The 4th of November I turned 50 years old and I celebrated my birthday at the Camino de Santiago with my family: my dad, all of my brothers and my in-laws. I’ve grown in a big and beautiful family of 8 siblings, 6 brothers and 2 sisters. I cannot find the words to tell you how spectacular our Camino was. I was so excited to do this with my family especially in this Year of the Faith, since we all have a common and special motive that was praying for the health of our nephew.

Birthday at the Camino de Santiago – a priceless gift

There were some many emotions that we felt and shared in our Camino, for my dad this was the best present that we have given him. Waking up every day and spending it with his sons and daughter was priceless, it has been such a blessing! We personally did our favourite (and lighter) Camino – The Buen Camino Lite: The Easiest Camino de Santiago

Birthday at the Camino de Santiago

We all did a huge effort to finish the Camino, to some it was harder than for others, but the most beautiful part is that we all had inner strength. An engine that kept us going in the moments we thought we couldn’t keep walking. Even my father who is almost 80 years old did his part of the sacrifice in solidarity with his family. The Buen Camino Lite was perfect for him.

The Magic of the Camino

Having a birthday at the camino was incredible. The Camino is definitely magic and I wanted to take advantage of that magic in order to strengthen our bond, make it solid, stronger, bigger, more real and that the magic of the Camino granted us the wisdom to pass it on to our sons and grandsons.

 My grandfather left his children a beautiful letter before he died that I always keep around and there is a paragraph that I really like that says: “UNITY, UNITY, UNITY. Everything in life can be fixed when the spirit of unity prevails, and I think you all have it. There will be times when you will have to make sacrifices in the name of unity. Even if it seems big, it is small”. There is also a phrase that my mother told us before she died that I also have very present: “The one who has the least should be the one who has the most.”

The Camino is a way to unite families

I wanted to share this with you to invite you to unite with you families and loved ones because it is the biggest treasure we have. Laughing, praying, eating, crying, complaining, talking, arguing, singing sharing and doing the pilgrimage with my family all together is the most amazing gift that god has given me, it was the best part of having a birthday at the camino.

I leave you with this gift I made for them with so much love with a very popular song known as the poem of Machado that I edited and personalized. The original song says in the chorus “You make the way as you walk” and I personalized it to:  Brothers there is a Way, you make the way as you love. Step by step, always together!

Even though it’s in Spanish I am sure you will enjoy the video” it was my experience of having a birthday at the Camino


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