Marly Goals 2020

Posted on January 31, 2020

Dear family

As founder and director of Marly Camino, I wanted to share with you the mission and goals that we have set for ourselves for 2020 and beyond. As a responsible and conscientious company our objective is to set in motion transformation that will positively impact the world we live in.

Our Marly goals for 2020:



Every transformation is a journey that begins with “a first step” and fostering awareness of our impact on the environment is ours. Our challenge going forward is to enjoy the Camino in a more sustainable way, and we are counting on the support of our whole Marly Camino family as well as future pilgrims to make this a reality.



Change must always begin within oneself, so it’s very important that each of us defines and lives according to our own personal set of values. To help us in this endeavor we will count on the support of a wonderful and unique person: my daughter Samantha. She is a successful, conscientious and entrepeneuring woman, founder of The Self, and through a marvelous workshop she will give us the tools to reflect and understand our own values. We will tell you all about it very soon!


Charitable Work:

One of the most beautiful ways in which we can connect with others is by the dance of giving and receiving. Even small actions can have a great impact, and if there’s one thing that sets Marly Camino apart from other companies it’s that we provide each of our pilgrims with a unique experience, created with great passion and love. Our Pilgrims feel this love, and their appreciation comes through with each gesture, each great review and all the wonderful tokens of gratitude that we receive from them. Gratitude is what I feel for all that we have achieved over these last 13 years. It is my great desire to contribute to the personal development of others through diverse social projects such as:

Give Back Camino, CREA Foundation, CHAMOS Foundation. When you sign up to become a Pilgrim on any of our Caminos, you are helping to create a marvelous experience for those who are on their own “Camino of transformation”. I wish you all a mindful and sustainable year and that with “each step” you take you acknowledge the values that are most important in your lives and put them into practice!


Marly Muci


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