Reasons to become a pilgrim

For each person, the meaning of pilgrim may be different, although its literal definition according to the SAR, a pilgrim is a person who travels foreign lands. Although in religious terms a pilgrim is known as a person who by devotion visits a sanctuary.

Although nowadays a pilgrim goes beyond spirituality, the numbers of pilgrims who go in search of holy places are increasing to obtain the experiences that the pilgrimage entails, such as overcoming limits and enjoying historical and artistic heritage, so the reasons for becoming a pilgrim are increasingly popular.

Reasons to become a pilgrim

Nowadays, many people decide to become pilgrims either to live a new experience different from the rest or to disconnect from the world and the people around them. In addition to that, there are also other reasons to become a pilgrim, among them are:

  • Lookup a different adventure: One of the characteristics that differentiate the pilgrimage routes is that they are composed of technology-free roads where nature is 100% present, which allows pilgrims who travel them to live a unique and different experience.
  • Get to know nature and other cultures: As mentioned earlier, nature is very important in the pilgrimage routes, but in addition to this, visitors can also appreciate the monuments, churches, and ancient bridges, which are preserved to maintain a historical seal.
  • Share unique stories: Nowadays it is much more frequent for people to decide to come together to make a pilgrimage since it allows you to live unforgettable moments and strengthen ties. Although if you decide to do it alone, you will not be alone completely, since these routes have other pilgrims with whom you can share stories.

What places can I visit?

Around the world several pilgrimage routes have become other reasons to become a pilgrim among this are:

  • Routes of Santiago de Compostela: It is considered as one of the most important routes of Christianity besides Rome and Jerusalem. It has several branches that conclude in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Kumano Kodo Road: This route is located in Japan and is considered one of the most important sanctuaries in that country.

Keep in mind there are many other routes you can visit and countless reasons to become a pilgrim, which are ideal to keep in mind if you are considering this possibility.




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