Routes of Santiago de Compostela for a week

Posted on September 25, 2019

Making the Routes of Santiago de Compostela in a week is possible! Even getting the Compostela!

Do not worry if you only have seven days to travel the Routes of Santiago, become a pilgrim, and enjoy the magic of the route because it is an attainable dream.

First, keep in mind that physical preparation is essential, regardless of the route you choose. Therefore, experts recommend walking a few weeks before departure, to get physical conditions and enjoy the road to the fullest. Not every day, people travel 25 kilometers daily!

Here I show you what options you have to explore this popular trip, where to start and what routes to take. You can choose from all of them!

What Routes of Santiago can you do in a week?

When you only have seven days to complete the Routes of Santiago, it is necessary to know from which area of the different routes you have to start. So, it will give you time to reach Santiago, the end of this famous route. Let’s meet them!

French route from Sarria

This route is one of the most chosen by most pilgrims who decide to undertake this adventure; it is the most recommended contact if you are new on the road. In total, this route covers the last 110 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela, starting at the beautiful town of Sarria.

It consists of five stages with approximately 25 kilometers each, crossing forests, rivers, and discovering a large number of monuments with a unique charm, such as numerous Romanesque churches or monasteries as well known as the Vilar de Donas.

The French route is designed to walk in the mornings and dedicate the afternoons to visit the characteristic villages of this region of Spain, contributing an exceptional value to the trip. You are going to fall in love!

Portuguese route from Tui

This trail is also one of the most demanded routes for pilgrims; it starts in the province of Pontevedra, in the beautiful town of Tui. In total, this route covers the last 120 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela, has a low difficulty level, performing seven stages of approximately 25 kilometers each. You can start by visiting Tui Cathedral, an architectural gem!

The large number of monuments that you can visit along the entire route, highlighting the Santo Domingo Convent and the Pilgrim Virgin Sanctuary, two great essentials points in the journey characterizes the Portuguese Way.

This trip has many charms, thanks to all the small towns and villages we will come across along the route. Places that will make you travel to another time since they maintain their essence despite the years.

You will pass through Padrón! Undoubtedly, the name sounds familiar, but it will probably be because of Padrón’s hot peppers, you know what they say, some are hot, and some are not. This town is the culprit of its cultivation; will you dare to try them?

In conclusion, it does not matter which of the routes you choose; all of them are a great option to enjoy the magic of the Routes of Santiago and become a true pilgrim.

In this link you have all the information to know everything about this route.


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