The Holy Door is now open to all!

Posted on January 3, 2021

We are very happy that on December 31, 2020, during the Holy Mass, the opening ceremony of the Holy Door was held, after having announced the extension of the Holy Year until 2022.

The Archbishop of Santiago, Monsignor Julián Barrio, performed the opening rite of the Holy Door, which consisted of tapping the Door with a ceremonial hammer three times.

The hammer was made in the year 2016, in silver and oak wood and was made by two well-known goldsmiths: Georg Schulte and Ulrich O. Böckenfeld, in Münster (Germany).

When the Holy Door was opened, Archbishop Barrio first entered, who started the procession that goes inside the Cathedral, to the high altar.

Then, the solemn thanksgiving mass took place, which concluded with the magical lighting of the Botafumeiro.

This great event concluded with a show by the Galician composer Juan Durán, who created several musical pieces.

In addition, the Quintana was decorated with a spectacular floral carpet with Jacobean motifs, created by the Galician Federation of Carpet Makers.

A great celebration for an unrepeatable event.


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