Women and The Magic of the Camino

Magic of the Camino

Women. Spectacular women of the world, have you truly realized how fascinating and magical you really are?

With your sensitive soul capable of perceiving the world’s subtleties.
With your wide range of emotions, your capacity to feel, your capacity to love.
With your self-awareness and self-consciousness.
With your doubts and insecurities.
With your pride.
With your humbleness.
With the weight of the world on your shoulders.
With your need for appreciation, validation.
With your need to be understood.
With your capacity for understanding.
With your intuition.
With that unbeatable strength.
With your wonderfully rich interior.
With your contradictions.

Have you become your own best friend yet? Recognize your own beauty and strength. Give yourself credit for everything that has brought you to this exact moment of your life. Remind yourself every day of your life, as you keep striving to be better, that everything you are is always enough.

This is called self-love.

And it’s an art. It is an art that some few are naturally good at, but that most require arduous practice to master. And it is the most beautiful, the most peaceful, the most rewarding art you will ever master: The art of self-love.

I love the word magic. Why you ask? The definitions I find of the word are:

  1. ‘The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces’
  2.  ‘A quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that seems remote from daily life’.

Magic is inherently implying that you will never fully understand it but it has some kind of power. It leaves you in awe somehow. You can try to use logic, try to decipher it, say “it can’t be”… but if it is true magic, you will never fully understand it, only understand parts of it.

And that is what both women and the Camino are for me. Pure magic.

Many experiences, people, words, art, music, etc. have the ability to reconnect women to their magic. Unfortunately these things are not often in our daily lives. Quite the opposite, our daily routine often disconnects us from our deepest parts of ourselves. Few are the lucky ones that can nurture their soul on a daily basis.

The Camino has a few of these components: Nature. Trees. Flowers. Smells. Walking. Time with yourself. Unhurried time. Disconnection. Solidarity and support from and to beautiful strangers on a similar path. Reconnection. Culture. A goal to reach but a journey to enjoy. A beautiful physical challenge. Reconnecting and rediscovering your body. A mental and emotional challenge.

Continuous novelty and intrigue, every step, every day of the way is different from the last. A new ‘routine’, a new focus, where your body, your well-being, your daily goal is the focus. Where you are forced to take care of yourself and listen to your body in order to get where you want to go. (I could write a blog post on each one of these components, but I’ll try to focus!)

And you do you know what happens when the magic of women unites with the magic of the Camino? For example, when you explore the last 100km of the Buen Camino from Sarria to Santiago, we reconnect with some of the basic things we’ve forgotten along the way. We gain clarity from the world, from our obligations and responsibilities, from our daily thoughts, and we begin to reconnect with ourselves. We gain perspective. We let go of perfection. The Camino doesn’t ask perfection from you, it just asks that you try. There are no demands of you. You can allow yourself to be enough.

And ironically, sometimes when we let go, that’s where we find our biggest strength.

When she truly sets her mind and soul to something, nothing can stop her. The women that actually discover and tap into their magic become unstoppable forces of nature.

“I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point.” -Susan