9 Tips to do the Camino de Santiago in August

Posted on August 16, 2021

Doing the Camino de Santiago in August at first may seem the least recommended month because of the high temperatures that may hinder the walk, but in reality it becomes a fantastic month whatever the path you choose.
If you only have availability for this month, here are some tips to make this experience as good as possible. The indispensable thing is to guarantee rest time and hydration, which is the pillar for such a long hike.

Choosing the route

The main thing is to choose the route to do according to your days of availability, preparation and of course your tastes. We recommend some guided ones, for this you can see this section that will help you to choose.


Lodging is very important, you must have a place to stop at night and rest, because with exhaustion it is impossible to reach the goal. For that you can count on the trails that we organize from Marly Camino to have a guaranteed place to rest.

High temperatures

The Camino de Santiago in August is synonymous with heat, with really high temperatures, although not as high as in other cities in central or southern Spain. Get up a little earlier and try to be in a resting place between 12 noon and 2 pm, although if you decide to continue walking, if you slow down a little when walking in the shadows and hydrate yourself sufficiently, you will be guaranteed to advance, little by little.

Lighten your weight

One thing your body will appreciate is that your bag is as light as possible. If you are not very cold, forget about warm clothes and take the minimum changes of clothes, on our trails you will always have support and material you may need, so count on us!

Walking on land

Try to walk as much as possible on dirt roads as the asphalt gets hot and your feet will feel it.

Proper footwear

Very important in this kind of trips is to choose a light, breathable and comfortable shoe, you can alternate it with an endurance boot in the parts where the road is full of stones.

Relax your feet

Take short breaks in the middle of the stages to take off your shoes and socks and refresh your feet. They will thank you for it.

Follow your pace

Do not try to follow anyone, you are not in a hurry, enjoy the road and the scenery, you have already reserved a place to rest. You don’t need to get up at 4 am, because it will be night and you won’t enjoy the trail. You can hire the services to carry your backpack to the hostel where you will rest if you need it, take a cab on the last stretch … Do not overexert yourself and enjoy the experience.

Go sightseeing

This is your vacation, so take the opportunity to do some sightseeing in the towns you visit. Churches, museums, bars…a multitude of places of interest, people and gastronomy to enjoy, a lot of sensations that you can’t miss!


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