Reflections on the Camino de Santiago: Same Path is Always Different

Posted on June 28, 2014

On the Camino, the thought that millions have walked that same path for centuries is fascinating. But no one has walked it quite like you; at that moment in time, with your footsteps and their weight and the distance between them, with those shoes you are wearing, with your physical and emotional circumstances you have at that moment of your life, with those thoughts that flow in and out of your mind, with that intention you are putting, with the energy only your transmit at that moment… That is even more fascinating. We want you to think about the reflections on the Camino de Santiago. Reflections that inspire you to say that we leave a little piece of us everywhere we go. We hope these reflections inspire you to feel the magic of the Camino on your own life and realize how important you are.

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When thinking about the Camino de Santiago, we think that is the type of life experience where you walk and leave a piece of yourself, a piece of your soul on the way. Every pilgrim, everyone has left a little piece of them along the path. Footprints, thoughts, intentions, rocks, energy… But most importantly, everyone has taken something from there back to where they came from. It could be inspiration, new ideas or thoughts, other perspectives health, memories, stronger legs, new friendships, maybe even some blisters or physical reminders of all your effort.

From this, we can remember two important things:

Reflections on the Camino de Santiago part 1)

We are incredibly unique. We are incomparable. We are grand. We can do anything. And we deserve all the love in the world, starting with the most beautiful love which is the one you can give to yourself. When you love yourself, your entire being, then you trust yourself, and the whole world around you just changes. The things you can accomplish with this are immeasurable.

reflections on the Camino de Santiago

Reflections on the Camino de Santiago part 2)

We are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

We can never forget that. You are a piece, a very unique piece of something grandiose and incredible on many different scales, from family, to society, to civilization, to the planet and the ecosystem, to the universe… And this, should also keep us humble.

As C.S. Lewis said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” With humbleness, we leave room for continuous improvement, we listen to others, we don’t try to impose because we know we do not have the ultimate truth, we learn to give and to receive, we are able to ask for help, we learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness. These are the kind of reflections on the Camino de Santiago that inspire you become a better person as you meet your own self and understand that you are wonderful.

We like to reflect on the fact that the same path is always different. You can walk a the Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles  or a shorter and easier Camino de Santiago and you will have a completely different experience. Even if you experience the exact same Camino twice you will also have a completely different experience, you will meet different pilgrims that will shape up your thoughts and ideas, there will be different weather, you will eat different food. Remember, the same path is always different.

Love and trust yourself above all else and stay humble. That is a path worth taking…

What about you? what kind of reflections did you have at the Camino de Santiago? or if you haven’t been yet, what, in your daily life, inspires you to become a better person, realizing how beautiful, unique and incomparable you are?



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