It is the Holy year of the Compostela, the year in which the 25th of July – the day of the celebration of the martyrdom of St. James – falls on a Sunday.
At Marly Camino, we pride ourselves on adapting our tours to the requirements of each individual pilgrim in order to provide them with the best possible Camino experience.
I would like to start by introducing myself, I’m Esther a Camino guide and a member of the Marly Camino Family and I have to confess I’m truly madly deeply in love with the Camino de Santiago, especially with the
Have you ever thought how your perspective of reality changes with every season? And with the passing of time?
Mindfulness…that beautiful state of consciousness everyone is talking about. That states in which you feel the present as the only moment that exists. How many times do you catch yourself daydreaming? Or not listening to the one in front of
We each walk our own Camino. We come from places across the globe, each bearing our past, stirred by hope, eager to see, feel and be transported beyond what we know to something more—something deeper within ourselves.
Remember my 15-day pilgrimage in Spain last year? I wrote a little bit about it here. Well, finally, we’re airing our documentary about it next week! Read on:
Dr. David Miller, a wonderful Pilgrim who accompanied us on the Ignatian Camino in September 2017, was so moved by his trip that he will now be a permanent.
The Way of St. James or St. James’ Way, often known by its Spanish name, El Camino de Santiago, is the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain.
Christmas is a celebration of gratefulness, of being thankful for the gifts that life gave us. Is the time of the year in which, taking a moment for us, we say thank you to people.
First Because we would love to give a “Camino de Santiago” to someone who needs it. The Camino de Santiago is a very special experience that allows you to have the opportunity to connect with nature, other people, yourself and
We always say that the Camino begins when the thought first enters your mind and heart. Wanting to do the Camino is almost like an inner calling from our experience.