In 2004 while living in Miami I was going through some difficult times, with personal and work problems being added on top of the great pain and anguish I had been feeling since the passing of my dear grandmother.
This is the second blog of a series of inspirational advice posts written by the amazing writer Maytte Sepúlveda, a communication specialist devoted to spread the word about growth and wellbeing.
When walking the Camino de Santiago, there are several times when we may feel overwhelmed about emotions and feelings. The following recipes for a better life can help overcome those challenges.
“The 4th of November I turned 50 years old and I celebrated my birthday at the Camino de Santiago with my family: my dad, all of my brothers and my in-laws. I’ve grown in a big and beautiful family of
The Camino de Santiago is an inspiring as well as a physical journey. While you are walking and admiring the beautiful scenery, it is also the perfect time to look inward and focus on you and where you want to
We want to welcome you to this new side of Marly Camino: our very own Pilgrims blog. We were looking for a new way to get close to you and share our thoughts.