Are you ready for Carnival? You’ve probably heard of the world-famous Carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro and Venice, but you might be surprised to hear that we’re getting our costumes and face paints ready here in Madrid too! We’re
This year, we’ve been spreading the Camino love through our special Journey of Love promotion, and it has got us thinking about the different types of love that the Camino brings into each of our lives.
As in previous years, Marly Camino was present at the FITUR 2020 (International Tourism Fair), sharing ideas and experiences with the most recognized companies in the local and international tourism sector. An edition that celebrates 40 years of such an
As founder and director of Marly Camino, I wanted to share with you the mission and goals that we have set for ourselves for 2020 and beyond.
Modern-day pilgrims choose to walk the Camino de Santiago as an escape from their daily routine, to get back to nature and to enjoy new experiences with the people that they meet along the way.
The term “pilgrim” has a different meaning for each of us. The dictionary defines a pilgrim as a person who travels foreign lands, and in religious terms a pilgrim is a person who takes a holy journey to a sanctuary
If you are thinking of living the experience of the Routes of Santiago de Compostela, you should know there are a lot of routes and roads to reach the city of Santiago. So many that it can be a real
Andalucía is the starting point of the famous “Vía de la Plata” (Silver Route) or also known as “Ruta de la Plata,” the route to Santiago that runs through the peninsula from South to North.
Making the Routes of Santiago de Compostela in a week is possible! Even getting the Compostela!
What is the Compostela? Is it the same as Compostelana or the credential? Many pilgrims ask themselves these questions the first time they make the routes.
The Routes of Santiago is a trip that faithful and pilgrims do, aiming to visit the famous tomb offered to the Apostle Santiago. It is considered a significant religious act, and carrying it out takes time, effort, and faith. The
The Routes of Santiago de Compostela are more than an excursion; it is a reason to be able to find yourself and be able to experience spiritual peace.